DWTS Finale Part 2: No Mirror Ball, But He Won Our Hearts

So as you can tell from the title, no. Nick and Sharna did not win.

But if you think I’m going to tear apart Bindi and Derek…well, don’t keep reading. Because I’m not. I may not like Derek. I’ve made that really clear in previous recaps LOL. But, Bindi was a great performer. She’s a great dancer. Her winning…well…

“Bindi deserved it!” – Nick Carter

Nick realizes this and he was a great sport. He reminds me of why I adore him so much. He’s such a good person and completely gracious. I mean there’s so many ways he could’ve taken this. Watching you this season has been a complete and utterly joyful experience. You inspire us all Nick. I’m so proud of you for coming as far as you did.

So we were treated to a redo of Nick’s Downton Abbey Viennese Waltz tonight and were reminded of why it was so lovely all the way back to week three. It’s going to be a dance I’ll rewatch randomly and fangirl over now that this is done. It was beautiful. And the fusion dances? Nick was on fire! I mean I’m just so happy with the way he’s performed tonight and how much he’s grown since week one. To me, that’s winning. Mirror Ball Trophy or not. Fans out there, bask in the fact Nick went out on top. He had three perfect scores in a row. He was happy and shocked to even get second. So if Nick is happy, I’m happy.

The Backstreet Army has been so supportive and rallied together. We got Nick pretty damn far. I don’t think that’s anything to shake your head at. We never saw him get eliminated. He performed his ass off every week. I wish he could’ve won. I really do. But lets be the good sports that a certain unnamed fandom has chosen not to be throughout the season. Because we’re proud to be the BSB Army. We’re proud to be Nick’s fans. And I’m now a complete fan of Sharna because she’s also been such a delight to watch.

Nick, thank you for putting your heart and soul into every week.

Sharna, thank you, for taking care of our Boy.

Really, what more can I say? I’m beyond proud and content with how things went down.

Oh! Can we squee over that “I Will Wait” performance?! LOVED! So if you haven’t bought Nick’s album All American yet, buy it now! Because I mean…do I really gotta say why?

Thank you to everyone reading this blog and being so amazing. The love I’ve gotten this season just for tweeting or recap blogging is unreal. You guys are why I love this fandom this much. You guys (and the Boys, okay) are why I work so hard on this site and on the twitter, and everything else I do. So thank you.

And who knows? Maybe we’ll see another BSB on this show someday!

2 thoughts on “DWTS Finale Part 2: No Mirror Ball, But He Won Our Hearts

  1. Thank you for this and thank you for taking the example that Nick has set!! Bindi was amazing. And regardless of the outcome, our Nick did amazing (plus new music in half an hour!!)!! The only thing I’m sad about is not being able to see Nick dance every week anymore (and ok a little sad about not being in first place either!)!


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