Flashback Friday: The Carter Cha-Cha

So normally I use Flashback Friday to focus on the group or members who don’t have projects going on. This week is different because I want to take a moment to appreciate Nick’s season on Dancing With The Stars. I’ve been doing it in a few posts, all in different ways. I know. But after next week? It’s done. We’ll move on to the rest of “Nickvember” with my review of Nick’s new album All American which comes out next week if you didn’t know. So remember when we weren’t sure what would happen this season? Remember when all we knew was that Nick looked great in a bedazzled blue suit?

This was also before those damn shoes betrayed him one week later, by the way.

I’m not sure what dance Nick will do for the “Judges Re-Do” next week. It could be anything. Who knows? But I am curious about what this dance would look like now, 10 weeks later. This dance was fantastic then. Now that Nick has refined himself in ballroom technique? Good gravy. It’s a happy thought. Maybe more than buttons could fly off this time too! (Kidding, Nick. Well, maybe. I am if you’re reading this. How’s that?)

In any event, I love watching this dance. Nick’s having SO much fun here. His expressions are everything if you watch for them. The passion this guy puts into everything is why I stay a fan. He’s just adorable. And Sharna, I want to make you a Backstreet Boy–errm, girl. We’ll have you join the group somehow. Because you’re a dancing fairy I don’t want to let go of. So guys watch the video below, enjoy, and remember just how good he was at the beginning…versus how incredible he is now.

Not to mention, Sharna’s fangirling (& Julianne’s) was basically what we all were thinking.

Don’t forget to Vote Team SharNick Monday Night to win the Mirror Ball Trophy!


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