The Littrell December Wylee Party – What You Should Know

xfxngo3ac2dn2cnoSo let’s talk about Brian. I love talking about Brian. Plus this is definitely a Backstreet blog, and while yes, Nick has the most going on right now – the others have things happening too! Brian? Well we’re still waiting for that solo album. But, I want him to do that when he’s comfortable and at his own pace. So need to rush Brian. Good things come to those who wait. And I will wait for you. (Damn, I’m back to Nick mode!)

In the meantime, do you know about the Wylee Party next month?

Guess what, it’s more than just a Wylee Party.

So most of you who are Brian fans knew about the Wylee Party he and Leighanne had at their pop-up shop in Alpharetta, GA last month. It did so well that they want to do it again! At least for Part One on December 11th. But if there’s a Part One that means there’s a Part Two right? Absolutely. The Wylee Party is simply the beginning, a chance to shop for any and all fans who love their Littrells and their products from 12pm-4pm.

Part Two?

First off, it’ll be from 6pm-10pm at Hilton Garden Atlanta North / Alpharetta

Second, it will be a Charity Auction for the Ronda Lee Culley Foundation. The Ronda Lee Culley Foundation is a personal one for many BSB Fans because it was started for a Backstreet Boys Fan who died tragically in 2004. After it was formed the foundation picked different charity events to honor her memory each year. For this event the funds are going to go to the Children’s Miracle Network. It’s a organization many of us know and would love to donate to just because. Having Brian involved? A chance to see him this Christmas season? Pretty sure that’s just a bonus.

How much does it cost?

Tickets are 150$, which isn’t too bad. Beyond the fact your money is going to go to a fantastic and worthy cause, you’ll have a dinner. Along with the dinner? There’s a auction which WILL include Brian’s BSB memorabilia. (A shot at that might just be worth a trip to Georgia, just saying!) Oh, did I mention there’s a guaranteed meet and greet? Yes. You’ll be able to meet and chat with Brian and Leighanne while also getting a photo! I mean with the way VIP costs run every tour, chances like this don’t just mosey on over. Suddenly that 150$ ticket is pretty cheap!

(Please remember if you go to bring an unwrapped gift to go under the tree at the Children’s Hospital.)

To buy tickets and get more information, CLICK HERE.

What better way to spend Christmas than to donate to charity and spend time with the Littrells?

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