Celebrate “Nickvember” and Go “All American”!

medium._Uvk3HrvJs4L2NoKL9sxtXRN8CgS2k6cHg9LePlZt0YForget November, this is Nickvember!

Nick’s been dropping some crazy news! It’s impossible to keep up. Well, almost. We’ve already got you as up to date as possible with tidbits we knew about his upcoming album All American. And you’ve been watching him on Dancing With The Stars since September. Have you downloaded his single I Will Wait yet? Hopefully you have because it’s gorgeous. Have you seen the music video? If you haven’t go watch, but bring some tissues with you.

So what more can he do?

Last night E! News revealed that his album drops NEXT WEEK, on November 25th.

That’s right, Nick’s not operating by Backstreet Time! And today, we found out more. Have you checked out Ticketmaster? Go! Go! Go! Because we found out that tour dates have already gone up. Tickets go on sale for Nick’s All American tour tomorrow! What better way to celebrate the holidays than to gift yourself with Nick’s new album and a concert ticket for next year? I can’t think of any. Bug your family! Bug your friends! Tell them this is what you want for that special gift.

Be sure to pre-order Nick’s album here:  http://nickcarter.net/store

Wanna know the tracklist? We have it.

1. 19 in 99
2. Get Over Me
3. California
4. Second Wind
5. Swet
6. Cherry Pie
7. Tijuana
8. All American
9. Man on the Moon
10. Horoscope
11. I Will Wait

Tour dates? We have those too. We’ll update you with more information as we get it:

Beverly Hills, CA – 02/25/2016
Anaheim, CA – 02/26/2016
Solana Beach, CA – 02/27/2016
Tuscon, AZ – 03/01/2016
Dallas, TX – 03/04/2016
Raleigh, NC – 03/09/2016
Baltimore, MD – 03/10/2016
Boston, MA – 03/13/2016
Montreal, QC – 03/16/2016
Toronto, ON – 03/17/2016
Grand Rapids, MI – 03/18/2016
Chicago, IL – 03/19/2016
Kansas City, MO – 03/23/2016
St. Louis, MO – 03/24/2016
Nashville, TN – 03/26/2016

Be sure to go to nickcarter.net/events to buy tickets and for VIP information!

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