Thank You, Team SharNick…We Love You

Now that we’re going into the Dancing With The Stars finals next week, I wanted to take a moment and reflect. We’ve had an great ride this entire season so it’s definitely worth talking about, right? And in doing that I also wanted to take a moment to truly thank our favorite dancing pair and drive home how much it’s all meant to us. I know that I speak for all of us in the Backstreet Fandom when I say no matter what any of us thought might happen, no matter what we thought Dancing With The Stars might bring for Nick, no one expected the beautiful story this season actually brought us.

  • Nick opening up in ways the fandom has never seen.
  • Sharna, one of us, living out the fangirl dreams.
  • Nick becoming a father!
  • Sharna fine tuning all of Nick’s potential to give us a “Backstreet Beast”!

It’s crazy to think about, really. How did so much happen in so little time?

Thank you so much for being the beautiful and wonderful person you are, inside and out. Watching you has been such a joy. You’re so positive and driven! We can see why Nick is so lucky to have been paired with you. I remember watching you in previous seasons, like with Noah, or Charlie. Your skill and talent is off the charts. This season your choreography has blown me away. I don’t have words for the way several of your dances brought me to tears this season. You’re amazing. It’s that simple. This week’s Tango was a perfect example of that. Where you paused to give him that pep talk Nick so desperately needed. That right there is a testament to how much you’ve been there for him.

Thank you for taking care of Nick. The Backstreet Army is very protective of him. We know this! But it’s only because we know how critical he can be, how hard he is on himself. We know how much he’s gone though. But you’ve been there for him every step of this competition. Your connection and chemistry light up the ballroom as a result each week.

So thank you Sharna, for everything.

Dude, how do I even start?  For me personally, I’ve been a fan of yours since I was ten years old, since 1997. I’m 29 now. That’s a long time. I thought I had a good handle on who Nick Carter was. That’s how most of your fans are. We know we don’t know everything, obviously. But I’m talking about the sides you’ve shown us over the years. But this season I found myself surprised again and again. You’ve become so open and sharing so much of yourself with the world! I’m BEYOND proud of you. It’s like watching an entirely new Nick Carter. A Nick who is full of love, and light. A Nick who is at peace with himself, and with the world. I adore this you. I’m blown away by this you. You will be a fantastic father to that soon-to-be-born baby boy.

Already you stand as a great inspiration.

You’re example of how no matter what, things CAN and will get better if you want it bad enough. Your music and everything you are does nothing but make us happy. It’s why we’ve always wanted the same for you. The past two and a half months have shown you in such a great place, and we can’t be happier.

We love you.

CPjifbqUsAA0lQP.jpg largeI keep saying this but Nick and Sharna…

We’re fighting like hell to bring you two that Mirror Ball Trophy. We really are. But in a way? It doesn’t matter. Watching the two of you this season has been a downright treat for us. Seeing your journey to the finals is everything we could’ve hoped for and a lot more. So the trophy, your winning, is a bonus to all that you’ve already given us.

In our eyes, you have won.

So thank you Nick and Sharna, for everything.

See you in the finals!

2 thoughts on “Thank You, Team SharNick…We Love You

  1. As a #SharnaSquad member now for soon to be the last 2 seasons (I know I’m late to that party but I think I’ve made up for it) this really touched my heart! I can only speak for myself but as you guys are very protective of Nick, I am with Sharna–especially this season for me in my personal life– and just how you’ve welcomed her with open arms and supported her not just as Nick’s partner but as the amazing person she is, has really meant a lot!!! Thank you for your support in getting our gal to the finals. The Sharna Squad couldn’t have done it without y’all! And like you said: no matter what happens they’re already winners in our eyes and the trophy itself will only be icing on the cake!!! xoxo #SharnaSquad member!!! 😘😘😘


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