Fandom Life – Level: Adulthood #AllAmerican Edition

So I get why people want to go back to being…19 in ’99 or 10 in ’99, or in my case, 12 in ’99. I really do. I mean the Boys were in the height of their careers then! The world was a Backstreet Boys paradise for teen girls like ourselves (or teen boys…). But I’m here to make a case to turn your back on wishing you could go back to your younger days! I love watching old BSB media with the rest of them but there’s some serious perks to being an adult BSB fan in the current time. Fans can do a lot more and use life to their advantage when it comes to indulging said fandoms!

I even have the perfect example.

Meet Jennifer, also known as @Ddub_Soldier_1 on twitter.

Jennifer is your typical fangirl, of course. Except for one thing, her husband John happens to work for a major radio station. I’m sure you’re already thinking of the possibilities here. In adulthood, we have a lot more reach than any of us ever dreamed of as teenyboppers. Forget the obvious factors: like the fact we have our money to spend on cruises, CDs, VIPs and concert tickets; the fact we don’t have to ask our parents permission, and that we can travel as much as we want to indulge ourselves. Those are givens. No, let’s consider the fact that the kids who grew up in the 90s? We rule the world now.

Awesome right?

So to speak, anyway.

We have jobs and careers, we marry others who have jobs and careers. Jennifer’s husband John? Well, it’s a clear reason why fangirling or fanboying into adulthood is a pretty sweet deal. (Sure we might have to tone it down in public during our day-to-day lives but that’s a small cost!)

Most fans know about the Kool Kiwis, a group of fangirls who give the best interviews on and the best news posts besides Sara at What Happens On The Backstreet. One of them is a journalist! Look at what being an adult brings us! Not only the money to do what we want with it…(within reason, damn rules of adulting..) but we have better access to our Boys if we get access! Totally worth the pains of being a grown up if that’s a perk. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of that, obviously. But it is.

So…with that I give you some of the photos that @KISS_FM_LIVE took with the photo pass that made so many of us jealous. Credit goes to him and our lovely fan Jennifer who sent us the link to her photo album via our Facebook (which you should check out if you want more of what we feature below!). Thanks to her we’re blessed with these gorgeous photos of one of the Boys we love from his All American show in Chicago. And if you haven’t seen his show but want to? There’s still some dwindling time left for one of the Nashville shows. For more details go to

Either way…enjoy the beautiful photos below!

Once again, major thanks to Jennifer for sharing this and her husband for taking them!




Man, sometimes it’s good to be an adult…because in the end this meme says it best!

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