Dead 7 Is Coming and We Might DIE From Excitement


But we’ll come back as zombies so that’s okay!

So I’m a zombie fangirl. Pretty sure that’s well known. For proof feel free to mosey along to my twitter @ForeverRebel where my twitter pic is me dressed up as a zombie pretending to eat Nick. I wanted to be a brain craving corpse eating Nick, before it was cool. Now knowing SyFy is behind this and seeing that trailer? Oh man, I think we’re all going to die of joy. Nick is a cowboy, AJ looks just freaking evil, and Howie looks pretty hot.

What about that song playing during the trailer? Is that what I think it is? That might just be the rumored soundtrack song with Joey, the guys from Otown, and Jeff from 98 Degrees, work on with Nick and AJ. New music! Huzzah! There’s so much to get out of that one minute that you need to watch…and rewatch, and REWATCH AGAIN.

April 1st just isn’t coming soon enough.

Come fangirl with me!

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