Media Monday? Two Boys Getting Punk’d!

punkd1Okay, okay. I know it’s not any “official” throwback day. In fact for a second I got confused about what day it was cause I’m nocturnal and I’ve been working. I thought it was Tuesday instead of Monday but…whatever. I’ll make up my own day dammit! Media Monday! There, it’s done.

Moving on…

Do I care? Not really. It took me ages to get very clear copies of the punk’d episodes Kevin and Nick were in without owning the dvds. It also took me ages to get around Facebook AND Youtube blocking the Nick episode. Why it allows Kevin only? No clue. But I wanted both. Because I did and ya know, fangirl mentality is sometimes like the inner ten year old I was when I first became a Backstreet Boys fan. So…let’s talk about Punk’d.

punkd4Remember when Ashton Kutcher seemed to rule the world? He did. This was back when he was still married to Demi Moore, fresh off his success on That 70’s Show and getting movie roles. Way before he ever got cast on Three and a Half Men, during a sadder time of the BSB Fandom when the Boys were on hiatus. That was when MTV (which still had some music on it back then) decided to give him a TV show pulling pranks on different celebrities. They were pretty hilarious most of the time and put the stars in some crazy situations.

One season…he went after Kevin.

punkd3The real perk of this is that he got to strip Kevin down. We got to see Kevin pissed and giving Ashton’s people what Nick has dubbed in the past as the dirty brow. Sorry Kev but I enjoyed this because you look good mad! It’s probably not a good thing that that’s what I’m thinking about as I re-watch this but yup. That and holy crap can we strip Kevin down to his boxer briefs again?

And then a season later (I think, I’m about 99% sure Nick was season two), Ashton went after Nick. Well sort of. Apparently Nick wanted to go and punk his friend Tommy Lee. Does anyone remember that? This was when he was supposed to be working on his next solo album in 2003, after he collaborated with Tommy for a song on Tommy’s solo album. Nick’s album later got delayed and then cancelled when our Boys went back into the studio. I adore Nick…so we’ll just say as Ashton does, that this was Nick’s, errm, “ghetto fab Nick Carter” phase. But a rule of Punk’d is that one celebrity couldn’t punk another celeb unless they’d already been punk’d.

punkd2So he got Nick first. By the end Nick was flipping off the camera and saying to kiss his rosy white ass, giving us the first threat of what would be many crack shots to follow over the next several years. Ashton is pretty hilarious in Nick’s, even now. At least in Nick’s he got to be the pranked and the prankster. Again, love you Nick!

Update: Geeze, even Vimeo blocks the Nick episode. Whatcha got against Nick? Why does the internet allow Kevin’s episode but not Nick’s? I don’t get it! Well…lets see how long it lasts on DailyMotion…

Enjoy the videos and I’ll be back with another flashback/throwback next time I feel like it!

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