They’re Backstreet Brothers…


So they’ve said this a million times, they’re not just band mates. They’re brothers.

A lot of bands have said that. A lot of them lied. The proof is in the pudding? Look at NSYNC, for example. (No offense Chris and Joey, we know you’re cool and we love that you’re friends with our Boys. This isn’t personal.) Some hang out, sure. But when was the LAST time you saw Justin Timberlake hang out with any NSYNC-er? The last time you saw Justin support any of his former band mates solo projects? I watch Dancing With The Stars as you all learned last year when Nick was on it. Lets say Justin never went near DWTS and leave it there. Cause I don’t want this to be about other bands. I just want to make a small point in how rare it is, that boybands have these kind of brotherly relationships.

Why am I talking about this now? Cause we’ve been enjoying ALL THE LOVE our fangirling hearts can take with all the support going around between the solo and family endeavors since last year. They’ve always been supportive but thanks to social media, we see a LOT more of it instead of just hearing about it. Recent example? Here’s one: we all know about Baylee being cast in the Broadway musical, Disaster! right? Right. Well…first to fly out was AJ on opening night.



It’s like AJ is a proud dad too, instead of just Brian. But the love doesn’t stop there. AJ showed up at Nick’s All American show in Beverly Hills, too! (If you haven’t bought tickets for Nick’s tour, please do. I can’t make it so go for me, okay?) And our “rebel” Backstreet didn’t just go, he was up on stage, singing The Call. Not to mention, he had the CUTEST (no lie) surprise ever for Nick. Don’t believe me? Watch the video!

Hearing Ava’s voice telling “Uncle Nick” she loves him? It’s so cute and so sweet I’m pretty sure we all died of joy. We’re really all zombies now. Well…fan-zombies. Still counts.

Who else has gone to see Nick’s show and support him? Brian of course!

He not only sang I Want It That Way…

But he also joined in on Show Me The Meaning.

And while we haven’t spotted Kevin at a All American show, we did see his reaction to the music video and song that gutted us all and broke us down into some serious tears. Look at this touching tweet after Nick released the music video for I Will Wait.

Let’s not forget Dancing With The Stars of course…

Oh! Did you know he went and supported Brian and Baylee too?

What about Howie, you say? For those who may not remember, we first saw Howie be supportive of Nick during a more turbulent time for the group. (And us fans) Remember Making The Video? Nick did one for his 2002 single Help Me. Howie showed up for support during the video shoot. If you don’t remember, we have the link for you right here.

Here’s a more recent example, when he showed up on GMA at the DWTS “after party”.

Don’t think I forgot about Nick! AJ’s also not the only Backstreet Boy to go support Baylee. Just yesterday, we got hit with some old school Frick and Frack feelings. They were the bromance of bromances in the Boyband world, back in the 90s. Before tumblr, THIS WAS OUR SHIP. That’s just how it was “back in the day…” when the internet was still young and we all used dial-up.

12They had matching hats! Just..I still love that bromance. So many years later.

What hit the hardest? Is that Nick said, flat out…”so excited to see my family”. If that didn’t hit you in the serious feels, I wonder if you’re human. Or if you’re the Grinch and your heart just hasn’t grown three times larger today. Whatever it is, I’m curious. Nick has shown us over the years that blood doesn’t mean family, the bonds that tie you together do. And once again, Backstreet, is his family.

In fact in New Jersey, Nick said the group will keep going till they’re no longer able to physically perform anymore. How often do you see that? It’s rare and we’re incredibly lucky as fans. They’re like the boyband version of The Rolling Stones when it comes to that “never say die” mentality and drive to keep on going. It’s because the Boys have a second family as well beyond their own loved ones, and that’s each other. It shows in every performance they do. We see it any time they say the group isn’t going anywhere.

Thank you guys, all five of you…for being you.

Your relationship with each other is special.

You are the one thing that Lou Pearlman did RIGHT.

We love you Boys. And to paraphrase a song you never released…

CWZVOoJWEAEOShc.png largeWe love to love the way that you love each other.

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