What We Learn From BSB Songs: Dead 7 Edition


So…I looked through the BSB catalogue for song I can turn into a zombie lesson. In honor of Nick’s upcoming movie on the first, Dead 7 and if you don’t know about that movie where have you been! It’s Nick, AJ, and Howie accompanied by some of 90s infamous boyband members in a western setting. They’re about to take on a zombie apocalypse y’all. Really give me Nick as a Gunslinging Zombie Slayer and I’m a happy Rose. Really. I don’t ask for a lot.

Now you’re wondering, what song was I able to manipulate into zombie themed post?

In Pieces

So I lay awake another hour
Just like the one before
The shadows play a game with my head
I can’t take this anymore

1. The zombie apocalypse is going to fuck with your head. Period. Learn to get past it.

2. If you haven’t been able to do the first…well, see ya!

I hear the sound
Of my own breathing
It makes me miss you more

3. You’re going to miss all who turn…especially when they try to eat you.

4. Make sure that sound is YOUR breathing, and not some rotting corpse’s rasp…

Wake me up when it’s over
After the ending
When the damage has all been done
I don’t wanna be somewhere
Where you can watch me as I bleed
Just leave me here in pieces
In pieces

5. It’s not a dream. So…not happening. Learn this now.

6. This is important! You don’t want to be around zombies where they can watch you bleed! Blood is a dinner bell to them! Hide!

7. Don’t let them leave you in pieces, unless it’s just emotionally. Then you’re fine. Leave them in pieces, especially their braaaiiiiins…

I can’t take the chance
Of running into
You running into me
So lock the door
And close the window
I just wanna see
Until the day
Inside my future
When I’ll be on my feet

8. This is good advice. Don’t let your former friends and family (now flesh eating monsters) run into you! If they do you might crack under the pressure and end up their main entree. You, it’s what’s for dinner…(dun dun dun!)

9. Lock the doors, close the windows, see tomorrow!

10. Look towards the future and maybe you’ll survive. Or…maybe you’ll be on your feet tomorrow shuffling along and thinking of nothing but how much you want brains…

11. If you do become a zombie, bright side is that the only way you can die again is a shot to the brain. Something that if it was easy…then zombie hordes wouldn’t happen so easily.

If you want you can find me
On the dark side of the sun
Babe I don’t wanna see what we’ve become
The damage has all been done

12. Since by this point most of us will be undead now…yeah, you don’t want to see what being dead has done to you.

Wake me up when it’s over
After the ending
Wake me up when it’s over
When the damage has all been done
The damage is done
I don’t wanna be somewhere
I don’t wanna be somewhere
Where you can watch me as I bleed
Leave me here in pieces
Just leave me in pieces
Just leave me in pieces
Just wake me up when it’s over (in pieces)
Just wake me up when it’s over

13. You can ask this all you want. But in a zombie apocalypse? It’s never over.

The Overall Lesson: Get guns, lots of guns if you hear weird stories about people coming back from the dead. Stock up lots of food and find places to hide. In the end? Plan on becoming a zombie though. Look into what brains you might wanna eat? Think about the people you’d want to turn. Hey! You’d have an excuse to bite a Backstreet Boy! But… Dead 7 has most likely prepped Nick into being able to take you out. So…don’t go after Nick. For once, don’t go after Nick!

enhanced-26061-1458227527-1Dead 7 will be out on SyFy April 1st in the US. Check your local listings for viewing times. Also, if you want to pre-order a Dead 7 dvd (and you do), you can do so here on Amazon!

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