A Taste Of The All American Tour…Two Live Performances!


So for those who missed it, there was a live stream of the album release event Nick had in Japan. Just a little while ago actually. But it’s okay! Whether you were working, (for those outside the US) or if you were sleeping (unlike nocturnal me), or you just couldn’t get the stream to work…I got y’all covered! It was about 40 minutes long and Nick is adorable, simply put. Want to watch it? Check it out!


And here’s two very specific highlights…Nick performed 19 in 99!

He also sang Get Over Me!

Then as a bonus, we got I Want It That Way or a snippet, a capella. Watch it guys, he talks about the album, the songs and is just fun to watch. The energy during those performances is absolutely everything. I could watch them over and over and over…(which I kind of did to get this thing recorded, edited and uploaded) and have no problems. Hell, I might watch them again. You can really tell he loves this album and what he’s doing. His passion, as always, is pretty unreal.

Nick, this is why we love you.

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