Remember The Boys When Nick WAS 19 in 99?

disneybsbNo, this isn’t just a Nick post!

Inspired by his video? Fair enough. I mean, who doesn’t wish they had a magic box that could transport us LITERALLY back to the golden year of 1999? Back to our childhoods. Back to when the world was a very different place than it is now. Like the fact airport security didn’t make us want to throw tiny bottles of shampoo into their faces. Or when boybands that actually danced ruled the world…well the teen pop world at any rate. If I had my own time traveling DeLorean, I’d probably pick 1999. Partly because it was a pretty awesome year, and partly because going back I’d be an old enough version of myself to appreciate it more.

But, since we can’t do that, you can enjoy this flashback with me!

Who remembers the Disney Concert? I mean I know there might be mixed feelings on this. Disney was the concert they originally cancelled. Why did this matter? Well because Johnny Wright got NSYNC that slot instead. Annnnnd that’s why NSYNC blew up. Because of a door BSB left open because Brian had to go and have open heart surgery. Many fans got bitter back in the day. (Some still are, despite how the Boys are friends with NSYNC members, because that inner fangirl still remembers the NSYNC vs BSB heyday. That battle STILL hasn’t died.)

Feel free to relive it with us at our YouTube channel. It’s the best copy of it I’ve seen to exist on the internet currently, not to toot our own horn. Just that it’s one complete file and it’s not pixelated to hell. Mind you it’s 1999 so…ripped from VHS though. Remember VHS tapes? Go back in time with me. Fill yourself up with some hot and steamy nostalgia! Mmm…

Memories…the love I left behind…


Sorry, refocusing. I’d like to say as I watch this…Kevin I’m SO sorry thirteen year old me didn’t realize how hot you were. Trust me, 29 year old me? I KNOW. I AM SORRY. Also, why did I love the curtain hair on Nick? Why do I still think it’s adorable as I rewatch? Is there something wrong with me? (Um, don’t answer that last one) Is this why when Nick sported the curtain hair before cutting it a year ago, I kinda loved it despite myself? (YES) Also this screenshot is probably partly why I adored their bromance. Those two are so brotherly. Seemed to be only time I noticed Kevin. (Again Kevin, I’m sorry!)

brian99Hey…remember when Brian had red hair? Ugh I had such a crush on him. (Who am I kidding, I still have a crush on him…)

fandfFrick and Frack was in full swing…

HowiewasHowieHowie was Howie. Also, they were still telling the story we know now is complete bullshit about how the group first formed. Where he and AJ created the group as opposed to answering fat bastard’s (aka Lou Pearlman) ad to form a Boyband that sounded like Boys II Men but looked and danced like NKOTB.

AJisAJNote that AJ was as in love with leopard prints then…as he is now. Though the goatee is a beard these days. I kind of miss the eyeliner darkened goatee, I gotta say. Maybe he can bring that back? I mean, it’d be pretty retro now. 90’s style is in lately. He could make it work. He made that whole Duck Dynasty beard look work for him, as best as that look could work for anyone at least.

ourboysNick, at the end of the special talks about how he doesn’t see an end to the group. He says he wants to grow with the times and let the audience grow with them. Funny, isn’t that what happened? We’ve grown up with these Boys. We’ve changed, we watched them change. But we’re still here, we stuck around. I gotta watch myself so I don’t start singing Bigger next.

You know what hasn’t changed? Our Boys are still together. They still love each other.

So in a way, it is still like Nick’s 19 in 99…only better.

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