DWTS: The Questions, The Answers, and What’s to Come


So tonight isn’t a recap. Mainly because we all just watched two hours of a recap for maybe two extra minutes of Nick. I know. The things we do as fans, right? To be fair I really did think they’d include more footage. Thankfully the recap episodes are only for week one. But, we did get some new information today. With that I can fill you in and make sure everyone is clear about the format next week. I’ve seen a LOT of questions and fielded a few on twitter today. We, the Backstreet Army need to have it together before all the well, bad dancers go home. That safety net isn’t even guaranteed now let alone when it’s (hopefully) Nick, Bindi, Carlos and Alexa/Tamar/Alek. (Honestly it’s a toss up on who number four would be.) Basically we saw poor Nick in those extra bits go insane waiting because he’d been so nervous and he was last.

It’s okay Nick, the wait killed us too.

Let’s talk about the dances next week. It’s not common but sometimes they like to throw in extra challenges. Next week they’ll have to perform not one, but two new dances. I’m confident Nick can handle this. He had four days of rehearsal and topped those who had two weeks last night! He’s got this. We also found out tonight that next week will have a hometown theme. Something that we BSB fans could get a little emotional on behalf of Nick over. We all remember Nick’s hometown visit in the BSB Documentary. We might need tissues y’all.

The good news? For one of the dances the Star (Nick) will pick the song. There’s serious possibilities. BSB song? Journey song? So many things could go right with this!

We know the dances, too, thanks to Sharna’s blog at Hollywood Life. She’ll be there blogging each week of this season. Score! Extra Team SharNick is just good SharNick. I can’t get enough of those two. I’m on the verge of shipping them. Honestly I already adore Sharna. She’s so fun and sweet that I almost can’t handle it.

I think Nick is incredibly talented, and I want him to realize that and find the confidence in himself to be that performer and that dancer that we all know he can be. We have the Jive & Foxtrot next week — two difficult dances, two very different dances.

I think it would be awesome to see Nick come out and do an energetic Jive, and then come out and be like Gene Kelly in a Foxtrot. It’s going to be two very, very different personalities for him, and I honestly think he’s going to blow people away with his Foxtrot.

-Sharna Burgess

So they’ll be doing the Jive and the Foxtrot. Now before we got wind of that blog from a TDS twitter follower, I’d posted maybe ten minutes prior on our forum that I wanted Nick to do a Jive and a more graceful/formal dance next week. Wish granted. There’s a reason for this. It’s going to show two different sides – the hyperactive Nick we know and love, and the smooth charming romantic we also know and love. Non Fans don’t know those! It’ll win America over even more, without boring them because they’ll get both sides. Also I’m pretty sure I’ll die a hundred deaths if that Foxtrot is done to Journey’s Faithfully or any existing BSB ballad. Just saying.

So what’s happening next week? How will voting and eliminations work?

I have your answers.

Monday Night: They’re going to have every couple do one of the new dances they learned, and the judges will give their feedback along with their scores. Throughout the night, between dances, they’ll confirm who’s safe and who’s in danger. This will be based on the scores and votes from the FIRST WEEK DANCES ONLY. At the end of the show, they’ll tell us who goes home. BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO VOTE THAT NIGHT! Online, by phone, and by Facebook. Because those votes and scores from that night? They determine who will leave Tuesday.

Tuesday Night: Each couple will do the second dance they learned, getting their feedback and scores. Like on Monday, they’ll announce who’s in danger and who’s safe between the dances. This will be based ONLY from the day before. That’s it. At the end of the night they’ll announce who goes home. Again, YOU STILL HAVE TO VOTE TUESDAY NIGHT. I can’t stress that enough! Because those votes and scores from next Tuesday, will determine who goes home in Week Three (9/28).

You have until 11am EST 9/22 to vote from Monday night!

And here, I’ll readdress some DWTS questions I keep seeing appear via twitter.

Can I vote by phone outside the US? While some fans say it works, I’m not so sure. It’s not as easy to get around that as it is voting from outside the States. Because neither myself, nor What Happens On The Backstreet can confirm it will count, I stand by no. You cannot vote by phone outside the US. You can vote at abc.go.com, or at https://apps.facebook.com/votedwts/ because with those you can use a place like Hola to circumvent the system. You can use multiple Facebook accounts and multiple emails at ABC.com to vote as well.

For those here in the US, here’s the number once again.


How much do the votes actually count for?
They count for 50% of their final score. So even if Nick is at the top of the leader-board again and again, those votes are pretty damn important. Never forget that.

How many times can I vote per email/facebook/call?
The number changes from week to week based on how many contestants are left. For week one, it was thirteen. Next week it should be twelve, then eleven, etc. They’ll say it on the show for you as well.

I hope that clears everything up for you guys! If you have any more questions, comment, or hit us up via twitter. I (Rose) will be keeping an eye out and will edit this post with new questions and answers for you. I’ll also be back if the DWTS YouTube channel posts the extra clips they aired tonight! Let me know if I covered everything because we want nothing more than the BSB Army to be united and help Nick bring home the Mirror Ball Trophy!

Don’t forget to check out nickcarter.net too, where Sara from What Happens On The Backstreet has been bringing us fans any and all Nick news. Pretty sure she’s the best thing to happen to that site in terms of well written updates. So check it out!

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