What To Expect On A BSB Cruise


The BSB Cruise is coming!

I originally wrote this to prep new time cruisers for the upcoming Euro Cruise that happened in 2016. However! We have a new cruise upon us and while there’s many blogs focusing on what you need to do to book (awesome comprehensive blogs at that like the one at WHOTB), I figured this just needed a quick refresh of what you can expect on a BSB Cruise! Because honestly it’s an experience you’ll never forget. And it’s worth every penny you spend. I’ve done three of them (2010/2011/2014) so I know from experience!


1. Expect It To Feel Like a BSB Fan Convention!

You’re surrounded by your own kind! There’s no judgement! You don’t have to pull back or hide your fandom. Everyone is on that boat for the same reason you are. I mean with the rare exception of extremely good husbands (or fiances/boyfriends) you know for a fact there’s no one to side eye you for your extreme fangirling moments. Whether it’s about Nick shooting alcohol in your mouth (or missing your mouth, hitting your chest and then trying again), or a selfie with Kevin. Doesn’t matter. You can freak out till your heart explodes! (I don’t recommend it though…it sounds painful.)


2. Don’t Expect To Sleep

The deck parties run LATE and the events start early! Sleep? What’s sleep? What you really get are catnaps taken between say 5am and 9am. Especially if you’re trying to keep up with Howie. That Boy does NOT stop and I’m starting to think that secretly he’s an energizer bunny. Nick tends to go late too but now that he’s a dad, he might use this as a chance to catch some Zzz. Moral of the story? Sleep before the cruise and sleep after it’s over. During? Good luck!


3. Expect The Unexpected

Events aren’t always what they seem. Case in point? On the first cruise, karaoke was described as being “hosted by Brian”. No mention of the other Boys. Definitely no mention of them singing with you. And turns out…all (at the time four) of them were there and singing with you. The fan games? Crazy though you never know what kid of crazy till you get there. You sign up but you never know what comes with it! You might be pressed up trying to carry a coconut. And no, I’m not trying to be dirty… Hell, you might go to a deck party only to see Nick and Kevin decked out in Wizard of Oz drag! You just never know.



4. Don’t Expect Too Much, But Be Ready For Anything

With all the amazing stories fans will share, it’s easy to get your hopes up as high as the sky. I get it, I do. It’s only natural to think you might have that dream moment where you get picked for something, or you run into them and get to chat. Maybe you play blackjack with them? The possibilities are endless, right? I went in the first cruise blind, no one knew how it’d be. And I was incredibly lucky. The two other cruises I did in 2011 and 2014? Just as epic as the first but you know what? I was only picked for something on the first cruise. Because you get to see a side of the Boys that doesn’t quite show at other events. And you’re there with friends this fandom has brought you over the years. It’s the  overall experience that makes or breaks it, not how lucky you may or may not be. So keep yourself grounded but if you see an opportunity for something epic, go for it!



5. Expect It To Be A Vacation You’ll Never Forget

Because in the end guys, that’s what it’ll be. Those Boys pull their hearts into making every penny you spent and minute you planned on cruise completely worth it. The trip will feel too short and you’ll spend a week (at least) in Post-Cruise-Depression. But when they announce the next one? You won’t be able to resist. So savor every moment and enjoy yourselves! You deserve it.


If you are worried about some serious FOMO, you can get on the wait list of the SOLD OUT CRUUSE at backstreetboyscruise.com! Don’t miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation!

Have an epic cruise story you want to share? Email us at bsbdarkside@gmail.com!


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