We Will Be Your Soldiers…(And Proud!)


Aren’t you too old to like a boyband?

They don’t even make real music!

Are Backstreet Boys even still around?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. We all have at one point or another. I’ve been hearing the the “real music” one since the mid nineties. What “real music” is, I can’t tell you. I thought it was lyrics, pretty voices and a good melody. But what do I know, right? The stigma that chases the Backstreet Boys is very real as much as I’m sure we all like to try and ignore it. You tell someone you’re a fan and then BOOM! Judgement face from whoever you said it to. It’s almost laughably predictable at this point. And they’ll respond with some variation of the three bolded comments above.

But you know what? I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the media forgetting to do a thirty second Wikipedia check to see if the Backstreet Boys have ever broken up. (Hint To Writers: They Haven’t!) I’m tired of people – whether it’s coworkers, family, or friends intentionally or unintentionally trying to make me feel ashamed about enjoying music from my favorite group. I shouldn’t have to wonder if I’ll get people side eying me for rocking a BSB hoodie when it’s cold outside.

We should be proud.

Our Boys have been a group for twenty three years now. Their red album hits it’s 20th anniversary this week! (May 6th to be precise.) The world has had high time to get adjusted to the fact our group isn’t going anywhere. Friends and family should be used to your fandom by this point or at least accept it. As for the media? Why should we care what they think anymore? Since when have they been right? They’ve been predicting BSB’s demise since 1999. And you know what? It hasn’t happened.

Stand up soldiers and be proud to be a BSB fan. We’re fans of a group who care about their fans. You know some celebrities refuse to meet their fans? Fans who are the very reason they have a career to start with? There’s musicians who won’t read the letters those fans give them, nor reply to heartfelt direct messages. Our Boys aren’t perfect and we won’t pretend they are. But they won’t pretend they’re perfect either. They admit when they’re wrong and hope we’ll stand by them the way their music has stood by us.

So wear your BSB shirts in public. If someone says something? Laugh at the fact they even care about it to begin with! People wear music shirts all the time. Why isn’t it okay for us to do the same? Blast BSB’s music in your car radio as you drive and sing along! If someone in the car beside you gives you a look? Sing louder! Who cares? If the Boys make us happy with their music, shouldn’t that be what matters? Don’t let the perception of others dictate how you enjoy your fandom.

Hell…you might even find a secret Backstreet Boys fan who’s been dying to do the same.

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