Acoustic Dreams (Please Make Them Come True!)


So I don’t know if y’all heard…but the Boys did something they haven’t done (with all five) since the A Night Out (which was filmed in what, 98?) DVD. On the most recent BSB Cruise a lot of lucky fans got a serious treat. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. They did a totally stripped down acoustic show. But it wasn’t with an average set list. On no. THEY LET THE FANS CHOOSE. Man was that a great idea! We got songs we haven’t seen in years. Example? No One Else Comes Close, or Let’s Have A Party. Brian sang Darlin’ solo while sounding the best he has in years. Hell it wasn’t all slow songs! They sang Get Another Boyfriend!

It’s enough to get the fanbase excited. Don’t believe me? Check out how many retweets I got from the TDS account suggesting they put it on a DVD (cause they were filming). Keep in mind this wasn’t retweeted by a single celebrity.

I did a poll. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen the fandom agree on anything. I love our fan-mily, as Sara from WHOTB calls all of us. I really do. But we argue, we debate, we have different ideas of what we want. Which is okay. Still, for all of us to agree? That says a lot. A LOT.


So clearly the demand is there. I’m currently pushing for someone, anyone to make this happen. In the meantime, I feel like I should point out to the Boys that their next tour? Or hell a tour between tours (like Up Close & Personal) could be an completely acoustic show. Look at the results up above. Clearly fans want this. We’d pay for it. We don’t care where you’d go. We’d travel to see this. Because this doesn’t happen enough. If it did we wouldn’t be this hungry for it! And really it wouldn’t take much to make us happy with said tour. Two things are all we’d need.

  1. Give the fans an acoustic show.
  2. Use Songs You Don’t Normally Perform As The Set List.

That’s it.

Watch the video above of Get Another Boyfriend. Listen to how awesome it sounds! You have an insanely big catalogue built up from 20+ years as a group. Pick and choose. We’re not picky. Just sing it, the five of you up on stools with a guitar. We don’t want nor need anything else. And if you can’t do a tour anytime soon? (Which with the Vegas Residency Trial Run coming soon, we’d understand.)

Perform it once, record it and either sell it as a DVD or even as a digital download via the BSB Fan Club. I’ll be straight with you – I don’t have a BSB FC membership right now. I’d BUY ONE if it meant I’d get that. That’s how bad I want it. That’s how bad a lot of us want it.

Think about it.

Now I’m greedy. I want as many acoustic songs as I can get. BUT…I have a few suggestions. Not counting unreleased songs (or I’ll be here all night and they’d google lyrics forever…)

I Wanna Be With You
Every Time I Close My Eyes
Like A Child
If I Don’t Have You
It’s Gotta Be You
Don’t Wanna Lose You Now
No One Else Comes Close
Shining Star
Answer To Our Life
Yes I Will
Weird World
Song For The Unloved
Safest Place To Hide
Everything But Mine
Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
This Is Us
Make Believe
Light On
Feels Like Home

This was why I didn’t include unreleased songs. (Otherwise that song Trouble from the This Is Us unreleased songs would SO be on that list). Hell, I’m pushing it by adding bonus tracks but I kind of had to. That would be my ideal set list. I mean the show would go on for like three hours…

But we wouldn’t mind. Just saying ;).

In the end my point is this: Boys you or your team need to make this happen. It’s not often the fans are screaming that we all want the same thing. And we are. So we’re begging you here…make our acoustic dreams come true! You won’t regret it. Trust Me! (trust me…)

What songs would be on your dream set list for an acoustic show? Comment below!

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