Reasons Why We Love Kevin Richardson

reasons why we love kevin

So while we wait for new news from the Boys (and I promise you, it’s coming), I thought we could all use some love and positivity . So this is the first of a mini-series reminding us all why we’re fans of this group to begin with. Why Kevin? Because Kevin left us, even if it was only for two albums. I missed him, you missed him, we all did! So why not go with the Backstreet Boy we’re simply beyond happy he’s back and sticking around. I asked you guys to give me the reasons you love Kevin and here’s what I came up with.


5. The Way He Connects To Fans (AKA: The Eyes!)

You know what I’m talking about, the eyes that seem to stare into your soul. That look that makes you feel like there’s no one else he’s talking to that’s as important as you. He does whatever he can to make each moment feel as special as possible for thousands of fans. He sincerely cares about each and every one of us.

When you talk to Kevin and he talks to you, he’s not talking at you. He’s talks TO you. He wants to hear what you have to say. Even when he’s surrounded by groups at a time he can make you feel like you’re the only person. That attention alone makes any experience with Kevin so memorable.

– Brenda Aparicio



4. He Wants To Save The World

It doesn’t matter if he’s tweeting about politics or environmental issues. Kevin’s in his own way, trying to protect the planet. Sometimes he’s gotten flack for his honesty in the past (post 9/11 actually). But that’s okay. We adore the fact that he’s willing to say what needs to be said. He’s used his celebrity to try and bring attention to real issues in the world. Kevin is our personal Captain Planet…just less blue.

3. He’s So Smooth

All you have to do is look at his relationship with Kristin, really.

“He and Kristin are the expression of love that lasts through everything, despite your fame. They’re for richer and for poor. They met before Backstreet began and with ups and downs, taught us that long distance relationships are something that can work if you want. That happily every after does exist!”

– @AlexSeiya_

But that’s not all that’s smooth about him. Besides the fact he’s clearly an old fashioned romantic that could make all of swoon in a hot second, let’s look at his voice. In Breathe we had the first chance in years to really hear his voice melt like butter all over the track. He has this ease about him performing that the others just quite duplicate and remind us yet again about why the group just wasn’t the same while he was gone.

2. He’s Not Afraid To Cry

We love that he’s so open with the fans. So much so the fans can sometimes joke about how emotional he gets. What you see is what you get with Kevin. He bared his soul in the documentary, talking about his father. When he talks about the fellas and things they’ve gone through as a group. On their twentieth anniversary, he once again got teary eyed. Kevin doesn’t mind that he’s crying in front of us – he’s a man completely in touch with his emotions and that’s pretty hot!

1. The Best Big Brother In The Band

“The man is life changing, he’s changed Brian’s, AJ’s, Nick’s and even mine, along with many other fans out there. I can never thank him enough for being there, maybe not physically, but still.”

– @SasaRichardson

Kevin is our hero, really. He’s been doing it since the group ever formed. He might be the youngest to his own older brothers, but in Backstreet – he’s the big brother. He’s been taking the group in every he could since it formed. He’s the reason why AJ went to rehab back in 2001. Remember when Paris Hilton was trying to ruin Nick? Kevin flat out told her to quit messing with his baby bro before he started laying her secrets bare. Not to mention, Kevin’s the one who gave Nick the book that later inspired him to turn his life around. Kevin is the mediator and the big protector…and it gives us warm fuzzies every time we think about it.

Bonus Reason! – He’s The Reason Why Brian Joined The Group.

Need I say more?

But really in the end…AJ’s wife Rochelle says it best.

Thank you Kevin, simply for being you!

Coming Soon – Reasons Why We Love Nick Carter…

2 thoughts on “Reasons Why We Love Kevin Richardson

  1. What book did Kevin give to Nick? I’ve read that Kevin read a very helpful book once… a book that helped Kev look at life in a more positive way (or something very inspiring at least), but i can’t find the title or author anywhere. Do you happen to know the one i mean?


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