Happy Birthday TDS Blog! (Thank You For Everything!)


So it’s been a year since I got the crazy idea that our Dark Side Forum should have it’s own blog. A blog where it’s original purpose? To drive people to discuss more on our message boards because traffic had been on the decline. It seemed like a pretty good idea and I figured it’d be fun if nothing else. I didn’t expect a lot of things, really. Just a place to post what I think about my favorite fandom.

It’s become so much more than that.

We’ve gained 2,000+ followers on our twitter since we started the blog. We’ve expanded into a growing YouTube Channel, a Media Archive, and a Facebook! I’ve gotten acknowledgment from Backstreet Boys (via follows and tweets). Hell, Nick Carter dmed us so he could give us t shirts as gifts for promoting him during Dancing With The Stars! Wonderful Union reached out to us because of Jaclyn’s honest post about the state of the BSB Fan Club and now, we’re starting to see them give us what we want. (Like acoustic videos being posted!) It gave me a platform to not only explain, but to give my thoughts and feelings about Brian’s vocals. It’s given me a way to do what I can for changes I would love to see in the fandom I adore.

This blog has become so much bigger than anything I ever expected in just a year’s time. And that’s because of you guys. I mean I could say whatever I want on here but it doesn’t mean my fellow fans have to listen. You guys don’t have to support, retweet, comment or any of that! But you do. The amount of love I get has connected me to this fandom so much more since I first started it and it’s mind blowing. All of it is.

So thank you!

Thank you for reading. Thank you for following. Thank you for everything. Because without you? This would just be another ignored fanpage in the giant jungle that is fandom life on the internet. You guys are why I do this. Even if I never got any attention from anyone in the Backstreet Camp, I’d keep going. Because we’ve all got to be united here. We’re all part of the same family, in a sense. We’re all a little crazy but I think that’s why I like it.

Here’s to another year!

– Rose

One thought on “Happy Birthday TDS Blog! (Thank You For Everything!)

  1. Thank YOU, Rose, for doing this for us! I look forward to your blogs with great anticipation. I laugh. i cry. I ponder. I feel connected to the fandom, and the Boys.
    Thank you.


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