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So let’s talk. The Boys are back in the studio! We had an old post about the upcoming album back during their last recording session in December. However, a lot has changed since then and I felt we just needed a new one. This way we can cover what we knew then, what we know now, what might have been scrapped, what we can possibly expect. It’s a lot. So I’ll break it down for you and update this any time we get new album news. How’s that sound? Good? Good!

Let’s begin.

What We Knew Then:

Damn I almost got myself singing If I Knew Then. Self control is my friend though and I’m focusing. Sort of. I did pause writing this to go watch the last episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. I’m addicted to my fandoms. But I’m refocused now, so it’s all good. Moving on…

December 2015 The Boys (Minus Nick) had a recording session.  Five or Six songs were written, completed and on the list for album contenders. These were the main producers we knew of at the time.

  • Jordan James
  • Jordan Omley
  • Jacob Kasher
  • Max Martin

“We’ve recorded five songs already that we feel really great about, and we’re out there searching for the right songs and writing our own songs as well, so we’re probably close to midway through,” Howie D said. “We’re hoping, God willing, to have a single out by summertime and then the album out shortly after that.”Howie’s Billboard interview in January.


Obviously that timeline has changed…but that’s where we got the 5/6 song number from. Jacob Kasher was tapped for being the primary producer for the album. He was the producer behind Maroon 5’s song “Sugar”, Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle”, along with a slew of songs for a lot of other major artists.  Is this still the case? We don’t know. The Boys aren’t mentioning him in interviews much anymore, so this likely has changed. However, we’re going to leave him on the list of producers. Cause one of his songs could still end up on the album. Who knows?

Now we’re not sure what happened, but somewhere between that recording session and now? They didn’t seem to like the contenders they had anymore.

“[The album] is just now getting started. We wanna have it done by the end of the year, and then hopefully something ready to come out in Spring. Then going on tour, everything,” Kevin Richardson told at 103.5 KTU’s KTUphoria on June 4.


Does that mean that all the above information isn’t relevant? Not so much. It wouldn’t be the first time songs from what was thought to be a scrapped recording session still got used. Heck, Never Gone kept “Beautiful Woman” even though the direction of the album flipped over. They just tweaked the song to fit the vibe. So it’s possible that could happen again. Or ya know, if they don’t use those songs…maybe they’ll leak? (God willing, cause I like the rest of the fandom would loooooove new music!)


What We Know Now:

What do we know now? Well the Boys are Back! In the studio anyway. And they ran to social media to make sure we saw it. Probably because I’m sure they’re well aware we’re getting a little antsy to get a new album. Like we have grabby hands!

Ugh that Boy…I love seeing how passionate Nick gets.

What do we know about the sound? Not a whole lot in a way. Basically we’ve gotten some very different answers. It depends on the BSB you’re asking, ironically.  Howie describes one of the songs as sounding like something Coldplay might do. Nick? He mentions the EDM sound. One thing they do seem to agree on?


Which makes me an incredibly happy blogger, really. I say they do an A Capella album in the vein of Pentatonix and call it a day. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I love me some stripped down vocals from those Boys. Sadly I don’t think we’ll get that but keep that in mind if you read this guys!

The other thing? They’re going back to their pop/rnb roots.

Now I know what you’re thinking! This doesn’t mean This Is Us Part Two. (Not that I’d see that as a bad thing.) It seems like they’re going in the vein of the unreleased songs of the Never Gone recordings. As in sexy, smooth, and adult themed. Why do I have that feeling? Because they’re working with Charlie Puth according to AJ…if you don’t know him, I recommend looking up “Dangerously”. It’s completely in BSB’s wheelhouse.

They also have a new producer joining the ranks. Andrew Cedar. (Who’s worked with Pitbull, Flo Rida, B.o.B, and more.) Interestingly enough he studied Jazz, knowing he wanted to work in Pop. So I’m curious if that extra influence might come up in the music he creates with the group.


Song Titles We Know Of:

Now these we’ve discovered from basically stalking ASCAP, the site where all new songs have to get registered. If you stalk it enough, then you notice when new songs tend to magically appear. Sometimes the song titles change when they get released, sometimes they don’t. The songs below, we’re not 100% sure if they’re from this album session or from the In A World Like This recordings, but they’re worth taking note of.

Written By:
Nick Carter, David Delazyn, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, William Mishan, and Kevin Richardson

Written By:
Mischke Butler, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, and George Wallen


The Latest News:

Any and all updates to the new album will get added here for you, for easy access. This way if you’ve read this post before and new news comes up, you’ll know to just skim your way down here! I’ll start with the news our lovely Brian spilled the beans on…


6/27: The Boys are collaborating with the Country Duo: Florida-Georgia Line. Now, the song is supposed to come out in late August, according to Brian’s Instagram. But a lot of fans are getting confused on how this ties in with BSB’s upcoming album. I can clear that up, it doesn’t. It won’t be on the BSB album at all. This song will pop up on FGL’s album, which is perfectly fine by me! Theirs is coming out sooner, we’ll get it quicker! Maybe it’ll be a single? The crossover possibility is wide open here, Country Radio doesn’t have as many politics as Top 40 does. I’m all for this if it means getting them back on the radio. It’s something new and interesting since the Boys don’t do many collaborations and hey, maybe this will open up the way for future ones with other artists. I’m still rooting for one with Meghan Trainor.

6/28: Another day, Another Surprise Collaboration! Who is it? No clue! Kevin didn’t leave us a hint. When we know more, I’ll be sure to update. Cause I have questions. Like who, will it be on the BSB album or their collaboration partner’s, what’s the genre…I can keep going. (Update: We’re now very sure this is about a series of commercials with Chex Mix LOL).

6/30: Looks like we have a title for the FGL collab! “God, Your Mama And Me”.

7/10: Nick dropped some info at his solo event today. The Boys will be working on the album for the rest of the year. He also mentioned that the FGL track sounds very Millennium-esque! They decided to ditch the big producers as they weren’t completely happy with the results. The Boys feel younger and fresh producers will give them A-level material.

8/11 – Looks like our Boys are back to work!

Also…um, are the Boys looking to go more country on their album too? BMG Nashville was pitching songs to them today!

What would you think about a Country Influenced BSB Album? Personally I welcome them experimenting. I know some fans think they should stick to one sound but then they can’t grow as artists. Will I love every sound? No but I’ve never once hated a BSB album so I’m pretty sure that’s not possible. They want to go country maybe? Experiment away Boys!

8/12 – Looks like they’re back to recording more music!

8/18They’ve started doing a photo shoot for the new album!

Update 8/19 – Their collab with FGL is out! Again this song will be on FGL’s album but it’s nice to have something to tide us over till our Boys get their album out. You can stream the song on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.

Update 8/23 – Kevin tweeted a photo showing us they’re back in the studio!

Update 9/16 – BSB did two interviews during their Chex Mix Commercial Promo

One with Hollywood Life and one with Daily News. Both ask questions about the album. You can watch the videos of them that I uploaded to our YouTube channel below… but here’s some bullet points.

  • AJ says the songs will be “sexier”
  • They’re still sticking to the Spring 2017 release date goal
  • They only have a few songs done (so they might have scrapped previous material)
  • No *set* genre for the album yet
  • They’re 6-7 months into the creative process.

That about sums it up…for now. Here’s hoping 2017 comes quick! Mainly because I’m excited! Aren’t you? Comment below and tell me what you’re thinking!

Tune in here for future updates!


8 thoughts on “New BSB Album – What We Know

  1. I was totally singing “if I knew then” lol
    Brian’s post totally deceived me but I also thought about a single release and, I can tell by BsbItalia fans reaction we are all pretty thrilled! Country won’t be played much in europe but I’m sure we can make that happen by requesting the song to the radio stations!!!
    I’m still hoping for an acoustic one… Maybe a double cd (old school me) with one cd with the “normal” versions and one with the acoustic versions plus some old songs acoustic too… I think that would blow our minds!
    Thank you for your posts and your blog!

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  2. Hi!

    I love your website and how precise you are.

    For this site that I made one of my favoriets I would love to have it that the last news is on the you don’t have to scroll down till you find out if there is something new..:)

    best regards..Alex.

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  3. this website s all some u r always up to date and the way you share your feelings is amazing and encouraging to all how take the time to read them.


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