Reasons Why We Love Nick Carter

reasons why we love nick

Nickolas Gene Carter. He is Baby Backstreet. The youngest, the blondest and probably the most random one in the group by far  – something I can relate to.  He always keeps you talking though. And be honest, the group just wouldn’t be the same without him even if he’s not your favorite. (Okay…he’s mine but that’s not relevant!) I did the oldest BSB in my last post and going in order of age is so predictable. So I flipped to Nick. There’s lots of reasons to love Nick, obviously. But with your help, I managed to narrow it down!

Join me!

5. Because He Tries His Damnedest To Make The Fans Happy

He always does his best to make us happy. He really cares and this is visible when he’s with us. Nick always has a big smile on his face, his happiness and energy are contagious! Always Nick makes us feel like we’re number one and so special.

– @CiapCarter

When he gets on twitter, he doesn’t have to try and tweet us all. I mean it really is an impossible mission. Some fans will get tweets, some fans won’t. He’ll never win. But does that stop him? No. He just keeps on with his “tweet spree o’clock” moments (his words 😉 ) and tries to reach out to as many of us as he can. Mainly because, he realizes just how something so small can brighten up a fan’s day.


4. He Makes Things Happen! (Even If Those Things Sound Crazy)

Nick is a workaholic. We all know this. But man does that Boy know how to get things done. Backstreet Time? WHAT BACKSTREET TIME?! Hell All American took virtually no time for him to make. Compared to process of BSB albums it was freaking light speed. And Dead 7? Everyone he told the idea to (including Howie) thought he was crazy…including many fans. At least, until Nick pitched the idea to the right company and boom! The movie became real. Even when I describe the movie to friends they think I’m nuts for loving the idea as much as I do. But hey, you can’t keep a random minded Backstreet Boy down.


3. Nick Is The Ultimate Fanboy, and Thus, He Understands Us All

That’s “Sasha” from The Walking Dead for those who aren’t fangirls of the show like myself.

This Boy does not hide his fandoms. He adores the X-Files. Dude, when he was at Walker Stalker Con did you SEE his instagram?! I was jealous! He went and hit up every cast member he possibly could because he’s addicted to the show as any of us! He freaks out when his favorite team wins and is already brainwashing raising his son to be a Tampa Bay Bucs fan like himself. Because Nick is such a huge fanboy, he also understands why we get so excited.

2. His Passion Is 200% In Everything He Does

Nick is a strong personality and has succeeded so much! He’s taught a lot to his fans. Like Don’t Give Up Your Dreams! This is in everything he does – his music, his book, his zombie movie…(which turned out awesome!)

– @catsway

Nick puts everything into every performance he does. Sometimes, fans see it as over-emoting. (He sees it as “giving them some drama”, according to what he told me once.) But when it comes to what he feels the fans deserve, he doesn’t let up. I was once at a concert during the Unbreakable era. The day after they cancelled the Phoenix show, actually. He was still sick as hell but he not only went on stage but the crazy guy tried to sing! He only gave up when his voice went out, and he felt horrible about it. (Nick ended up having Howie take his leads.) The fact he was even on stage was insanity. What we saw when Nick was on Dancing With The Stars wasn’t an act. He goes hard at anything he’s set his mind to. He never wants to disappoint. And that…is a great reason to love him.

1. In The End, He Inspires Us All

He’s had a harder story in life, his childhood was complicated…but in the up he’s grown up to be very strong because of it.

– @CynBSB

I don’t think I need to explain why but I will, because I want to. Nick has been honest about not having the easiest childhood. We’ve seen him struggle with his ups and his downs. Yet, he doesn’t let it break him. After the struggles, he comes back and does his best to keep moving forward. A couple years ago he even wrote a book so that he could help other fans who might have the same struggles he himself faced. He’s responded to fans in DMs, in an effort to give them hope. He’s even said in one that in the darkest of moments, we fans were the light. No, it hasn’t been easy but he’s fought for the happiness he has now, and in the end…nothing is more inspiring than the fact he’s found it.

BONUS REASON! – He’s The Reason Many Fans Have Likely Gone Looking For Aliens

Need I say more?


Thank you Nick, for being you in all your random and quirky glory!


Coming Soon – Reasons Why We Love AJ McLean…

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