I Want It That Way – It All Makes Sense Now!


So we all know I Want It That Way is the biggest hit of the Boys career right? Everyone knows it. It’s the song that defined the 90s and stole everyone’s hearts. We also as fans, know for a fact, as fans that the song doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. I know. I decided to try analyzing it into making sense for a post. All I accomplished was heading to the fridge for a well deserved cookie because I sprained my brain LOL. (Fun fact – I had to correct “brain” from “Brian” cause I’m practically programmed to type Brian first.)

These are facts.

But then…the performance with Meghan Trainor happened.

Suddenly, I’m sitting here like…did the song decide to make sense?!

Did you guys watch the performance the Boys on Greatest Hits? You should have because that show is awesome and really hits all those nostalgic fuzzy feels. If not, well they did two songs – Everybody and I Want It That Way but I’m here to talk about the latter. If you haven’t watched it, DO IT! DO IT NOW! Here’s the video, I’ll wait!

When it’s song by a guy and a girl…I have to say, it’s really interesting. (Well, five guys and a girl.) The POV seems to go back and forth. Two people are in a relationship trying to explain to each other where the issue is. How they love each other, but they’re asking each other why that distance is there. Do you feel the same way as I do. Maybe it’s too but I want still want to save it.

The song went from confusing to a discussion between a couple who clearly love each other and are trying to fix what’s wrong. I’m going to let you think about that for a moment. Go ahead.


Bless Meghan Trainor for joining our Boys in this collaborative performance. We can move forward! We’ve received an answer! Okay yes, technically this confirms nothing. But you know what? It’s the closest we’ll ever get. If someone asks what this song is about we can reference this and maybe convince them we’ve thought this all along.

What really matters is that this performance was fantastic. Not many people can sing this song right and she really went for it, nailing it. She had fun, they had fun. You can tell they’re fans of each other. That’s what’s really cool about this whole thing.  So in the end…I have one more question.

Hey Meghan, can you take our Boys up on their offer to collaborate on a song for their next album? Pretty pretty please?


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