Lost In A Sea Of BSB…(Videos That Is)


So I’ve been light on the posts lately.

Did I forget about my posts? Of course not! Been too busy for the site? Nope!

It’s because I’ve been looking for a proper converter to upload even MORE videos than I already have. Did I find it? Absolutely. As for more media? Yes, this is possible. Of course I’ve had the so-called-chore of having to watch said videos so I can convert them, label them, and upload them for you. Needless to day I haven’t been suffering so much…but it’s time consuming.

I’ve uploaded some of these to YouTube for you…but YouTube sometimes is super sensitive and blocks stuff from a freaking decade ago that you couldn’t buy even if you WANTED TO! Anyone else remember when YouTube used to be a hell of a lot cooler? Anyways…the solution was to give these videos their own section in the media archive. So that way you can download and join in on the epic old school glory.  So keep checking in on the TDS Media Archive because that’s where it’s all going!

Want a taste of what I’m talking about? Here we go…

Do you have any BSB media you’d like to contribute to the TDS Media Archive that we might be missing? Contact us at bsbdarkside@gmail.com!


3 thoughts on “Lost In A Sea Of BSB…(Videos That Is)

  1. when do you think the new videos will be up? and are there gonna be some more videos from 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001? because i love those years!


    1. As stated on the Media Archive Page, this takes a lot of time which is why I asked you guys to keep that in mind. Mainly cause my answer will always be “When I get time”. I have 70 folders worth the files to convert, split up, and label properly. Each folder has at least 2 files that I have to do that to. I’m uploading as I go so if you look they already have their own section.

      Right now I’m only on folder 16 lol.


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