AJ’s New Solo Album…Updates!


So, last year I did a post about AJ’s solo album.

Well, then he got new management – Johnny Wright. Remember him? Yeah that’s why I’m not going to talk about it LOL. In any event, he basically started revamping his solo album. So what do we know? I’m not sure anymore! We DO know that AJ shaved off the beard. Yes, THE BEARD for part of his album shoot.

aj4     aj1

So since he’s doing a photoshoot for the album, it looks like it’s pretty close to completion and we’ll hear news! Check out my linked post above giving all the former details of what we knew. Cause there’s a lot. I’m dying for more details though, like a music video…tour news… (I’m in Backstreet withdrawals okay!)

Here’s some tidbits though to make it easy…

  • Jordan James was a writer for this album (he also wrote AJ’s song Live Together). Is that still the case? Are his songs on the album? We’ll see!
  • One of the songs is a contender for the 50 Shades soundtrack.
  • We believe the release date will be early September.
  • One of the potential songs for the album was a song called “You” collaborated with Shawn from Boyz II Men!

It’s beautiful by the way, we need more collabs like that.

  • The album WAS called The Anthem and now? Now it’ll be called Naked.
  • Update 7/29! AJ posted a clip to a song on twitter!

  • Update 8/28 – We’re looking at a 2017 release as the date was pushed back.

In the end?  All that matters is how excited we are to FINALLY get a new solo album from the ever soulful AJ McLean by the end of NEXT year! Can’t wait to listen to it!

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