Reasons Why We Love AJ McLean

reasons why we love aj

So with some new buzz about AJ’s solo album…(he was doing a photoshoot for his album booklet), it seems like a good time to talk about him again. Which is great! Cause I’m here to gush about him on behalf of you guys! AJ is pretty easy to love. Like really. He was always typecast as BSB’s “bad boy” And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a bad boy?

5. He’s Not Afraid To Be Himself

loveaj1You can never say AJ isn’t unique. Cause he is. He’s the member who’s hair was every color of the rainbow (and even cat-butt hair happened). He’s the one who’s tried everything, is proud of his ever-fabulous manicures and never apologized for it. Everyone expected him to do strictly soul music? Nope. Have It All was as eclectic as the man himself and a very accurate representation of him. AJ doesn’t confine himself to what people expect and really in the end, we adore that about him.

4. The VOICE

All five of the Boys have amazing voices. No doubt about it. But when it comes to AJ, tell me another boyband singer who has a set of pipes like his. His voice is ridiculous. It’s soulful and strong and every time I hear it, I usually go damn like it’s my first time listening to him.  Like really. Look at this video showing his crazy vocal range.

3. He’s A Sweetheart To The Fans

This is coming from my own personal experience. I was on the 2014 Cruise, and at the barricade for the beach party. It wasn’t horribly crowded until AJ came over. Fans were shoving pretty hard and I looked at my friend, and was worried I’d fall. AJ came to me and immediately said “don’t worry sweetheart, I won’t let you fall.” Moments like that just melt your heart immediately. It took me a minute to regain myself and I’m pretty composed (usually, I fangirl after they leave LOL) around the Boys. But how can you not, when AJ’s being AJ?

2. He’s Taught Us To Keep Fighting

Every fan remembers the dark time during Black and Blue when AJ went to rehab and the group came clean to us on TRL. It’s something a fan simply doesn’t forget. But look at after. No, AJ isn’t perfect. But he keeps working at being the person he wants to be. He’s shown us his faults but inspires us to be better because he works so hard to be better himself. When you look back at how far he’s come, it’s really quite amazing, and it’s why the fandom continues to support him each day.

1. Despite The “Bad Boy” Image, He’s A Giant Teddy Bear Who Adores Being A Father

Yeah we know, he was seen as the bad boy, the rebel. And he is, somewhat. Deep down? Not so much. I think Rochelle says it best here! AJ lets Ava do his nails, has tea parties with her, the works. You can tell he loves being a daddy and it’s so cute we can hardly stand it. Not to mention he’s still managing to be the BSB Rebel as the only Backstreet Boy to have a daughter! Really when you see him with Ava, you can’t help but get heart eyes. Because loving fathers are the cutest thing on earth. He’s got the good looks of a bad boy and the big heart we all love.

Bonus Reason! He does the most epic evil laugh in Dead 7!

I think that about sums AJ up, don’t you think?

Thank You AJ, for being you and an inspiration to all of us!

Coming Soon – Reasons Why We Love Howie D…

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