Ideas For Future Nick Carter SyFy Movies


So we all loved Dead 7. We laughed, we got emotional. We see Nick tweet to Carrie about a “next” movie. I want a NEXT movie with SyFy! Hell yeah, let’s do this again! Can’t exactly be a sequel…because of well, the ending. (I’ll be kind and keep the spoilers out of this post.) But there’s tons of ideas Nick can do next! Maybe he’ll like a few of these. Nick has a random and kind of scary brain as we’ve all discovered…but I like to think I do too.

In fact, on the BSB Cruise, Nick did a Dead 7 Q&A. He mentioned his next idea…

And he mentioned it again at Fandom Fest this weekend that he would possibly want to do a dark comedy about a BSB getting kidnapped inspired by Silence of the Lambs, Ace Ventura, and Misery. As a writer who’s had some…interesting plotlines? THIS SOUNDS AWESOME. So I thought it’d be fun to give Nick a few more suggestions… (Yes some are inspired by ideas bounced between myself and my Zombie Double Rainbow friend Julie,  who collaborates on stories with me…)

Who knows? Maybe he’ll love them!

1. 00Carter


My friend and I actually came up with this idea years ago, but I think Nick would love it!

Picture Get Smart with a Boyband twist. Nick can star as a 007-esque agent who’s a bit quirkier, basically himself if he WAS a secret agent, working for a fictional agency. Kevin could be the man running the show, AJ as the one who recruited Nick. Brian could play a southern CIA agent. And Howie…Howie’s evil. Mainly just because it’d be fun. Then again maybe AJ should be evil after the bad ass he played in Dead 7? Each episode could be a case he’s faced with, comedic, light-hearted and filled with 90s references. Fun right? Other boybanders could be evil villains as well! Nick’s already proven he could recruit them for a quirky project. So this shouldn’t be an issue.

2.  Sharkolas!

Okay so we have random ideas. We’ve talked about this for ages.

So SyFy seems to love doing sharks, given how awesomely bad Sharknado is and all the sequels. Why not Sharkolas? He gets bit by a radioactive shark and he turns into one. He can fight the bad guys and kick ass! Howie could join in as “Hammerhead Howie”. Basically this was sort inspired by the old Street Sharks cartoon and the idea that Sharkolas is basically a really good title.

3. The Nick Files

Basically here would be Nick investigating the aliens he loves so much for some reality show offered to him by say the History Channel or something. Only…he gets abducted. It would be his fight to not only get free, but to find a way home. I love Science Fiction and I could easily dig the idea of Nick vs Aliens plot line. I mean, you know he’d love it too. And I’m sure he could find ways to sneak in X-Files references since he’s a HUGE fanboy of the show. He’d get a huge kick being able to play like he’s on an alien planet, having to steal a space ship and make some epic escape. Easily.

4. This Is The End…Backstreet


Remember the epic movie the Boys did a cameo in? This Is The End? That movie was hilarious and the ending was awesome. The point of this movie would be, where were the Boys before that dance scene at the end? How did they manage to survive the apocalypse long enough to find their own ways up into heaven? Just imagine Nick and AJ trying to fight off demons. What if Howie gets possessed?  Hmm maybe I should be pitching this idea to Seth Rogen and James Franco…

So what do you say Nick? Wanna make a new movie?

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