Reasons Why We Love Howie D

reasons why we love howie

Howie D, he’s our gentle BSB. Well, depending on who you ask. I mean we’ve heard from Nick he’s “Stealth D” before. Probably because Howie tries not to let Nick get away with his shit LOL. But there’s plenty of reasons to love Howie D, but here’s a few for ya…

5. He’s Been Telling “Dad Jokes” Long Before They Were A Thing!

Doesn’t Sweet D says it all? 🙂 Does Howie have even a bad side! 🙂 lol He’s the cutest!

– @catsway

Y’all know what I’m talking about! I love this about Howie actually, he’s cheesy but it’s that adorably fun kind of cheesy. And the best thing? He still does it. He’s been making that “this is Howie Do It” joke literally since the beginning – that joke is on the All I Have To Give Conversation Mix. Only now he does it as he sing Montell Jordan’s song This Is How We Do It. He named his record label Howie Do It Records. The joke is an oldie but I gotta admit, it still makes me laugh.

4. He’s Extremely Business Savvy

A lot of people are under the impression boybanders are pretty faces, sometimes pretty voices, and no brains. Wrong! Howie is definite proof behind every boybander, there’s a savvy brain. He’s got plenty of hotels and the Boys even called him “Trump Jr.” because of how impressed they were by his skills. (This was long before this current US election came up…errm, we won’t go there now…) Anyways, he even has a new construction project going on as we speak! Hey Howie, you should start a casino out here in Vegas! I’d definitely go! Especially if you popped up randomly…it’s a good investment. Think about it!

3. He’s Our Sweet D

Why I love Howie…because he is a gentleman, and he lets the others take the spotlight when he deserves it too.

– @ETownMelly

Howie is the sweetheart. Whether it’s to his wife, to the fans, or to the bandmates he calls his brothers. He’s sometimes overlooked. I try not to as I adore all five of them, but sometimes I think I’m guilty of it too. But he never really complains about it. Even in the documentary when the subject is approached, he’s so calm and kind about it. But you know what Howie? You’re still amazing, for everything you are and especially for taking that backseat even if you didn’t deserve it over the years.

2. He Can Go ALL NIGHT LONG, Like An Energizer Bunny!

Have you ever seen Howie on one of the BSB Cruises? It’s kind of awesome. He is the true definition of there ain’t no party like a Backstreet Party cause a Backstreet Party don’t stop! I have literally seen all the other BSB slowly go and then there’s Howie, partying like a freaking rock star. I’m a nightowl, trust me and even I was tired by the time he finally decided to go back to his room. He can keep a party going on and on and on, and if you’re lucky enough to be around when it happens, it’ll feel like it just started.

1. He Never Changes

In a way, Howie is our “old reliable” of the group – and I mean that in a good way. A great way. In a lot of ways our Boys have changed a lot over the years. A lot of them good, some bad (at least for awhile, before changing again for the better.) But Howie? Howie seems to be the same guy he was back in the beginning. Sweet, charming, and adorable. And that’s how we like him.

Bonus Reason! – Howie is why the BSB Army knows what the hell ginkgo biloba is!

And with that I’ll leave you with my favorite video cause it includes an epic laundromat dancing scene! Seriously, that’s why I love it.

Thank You Howie, for being you and NEVER changing!

Coming Soon – We’ll end this mini-series of posts with Reasons We Love Brian…

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