And we would do it all again…


it’s that Dancing With The Stars time again. Don’t you miss Team SharNick?

Because I do. Honestly, I miss it a little.

Actually, I miss it a lot.

Something I didn’t think at the time. I sort of had a love/hate thing going. I adored seeing Nick on TV each week. I loved watching him grow with the show. Not to mention the partnership he had with Sharna? SO FREAKING CUTE. A lot of good was going on. But I also got frustrated week to week, as I’m sure we all did. I’m very proud of Nick for coming in second, but man, we voted and tweeted our asses off. It was fandom kicked into overdrive.

Definitely stressful.

But because it’s been a year, I watched this playlist I made on the YouTube Channel of all the dances (minus the Beatles one cause YT flagged it for some reason) our beloved Team SharNick did. Maybe it’s nostalgia or whatever, but I loved watching them. Then I started wondering how say AJ or Brian would do on the show. It hit me. Maybe I’m crazy but…

I want to see a Backstreet Boy back on Dancing With The Stars again!


Two NSYNC-ers did it. Why not two Backstreet Boys? Could you imagine hyper Brian on that show from week to week? The stunts he could do? Or AJ who has always, arguably been one of the best dancers of the group? The possibilities are endless y’all. Not to mention we could see one of our Boys weekly, it was so easy to get spoiled.  And hey…that promotion? Nick was everywhere when he was on it! So yes, I want to go through that Fandom Overdrive again and see one of our Boys killing it from week to week in those dances. Make it happen ABC!

What do you think? Would you want a BSB on DWTS again? Who? Why? Comment below!

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