#FlashbackFriday – Black & Blue Around The World In 100 Hours


So a lot of fans treat the whole Black and Blue era in an interesting way. It varies from groups of fans depending on a few factors like age, when they became a fan, what kind of fan they are…etc. A lot happened during that era that many like myself try to let ourselves forget. I’ve been a fan since around 1997, which good god will be 20 years for me next year. Anywho…so I don’t rewatch many interviews from this album’s promo that often. Mainly because I notice things I never realized as a teenager. Things if I HAD noticed them…well, the issues that later came out wouldn’t have been such a shock to my 14/15 year old self.

But in my attempt to start doing more flashback Friday posts (because I have SO MUCH MEDIA HOLY SHIT) I looked at the 2000 Diary special, specifically. I haven’t watched it in ages but I was editing a pretty clear video of it from my vhs rips. That era was tumultuous sure, but it was also pretty damn cool. Sometimes when you look back you gotta remind yourself to focus more on the positives – it’s a good way to look at fandom and life.

Cause really, it was also a fun ride all the same.

In a time where social media didn’t exist and the only reality shows were Big Brother and Survivor, we got to see more of the Boys than we used to. They released a dvd/vhs (I had the vhs, now I have the DVD) of the promotional trip they took around the world to promote the album. They did a MTV Diary episode. They invited contest winners, radio station DJs, news reporters, you name it.  Yeah there’s a lot they hid as well but it’s always great getting a taste of our Boys’ lovable personalities before we got spoiled by say…twitter.

Dude do y’all remember the plane they rented? IT WAS RIDICULOUS. Or to steal from Brian…It just keeps on going! It’s an energizer bunny! Actually if you watch Diary, which I of course linked below, it’s pretty full of BSB gems. Like AJ losing his shit over the plush as hell toilet on the plane, or Nick booty shaking to random song, speaking of booties, let’s not forget Howie’s bootysmacker…

Kevin calling AJ a dildo… I mean it’s still funny sixteen years later.

Here’s Adventures of Backstage Girl which gave a neat view being invited ON the plane.

They did many press conferences and interviews like this forty minute one with MSN.

Have I mentioned all the specials yet? Like this one from Australia:

And let’s not forget Backstreet Over Broadway.

I won’t even get into all the concert specials. Or you’ll be here all night just from the video binging alone. I’m not sure which album had more promo/TV time Millennium or Black and Blue in all honesty. Sometimes it’s easy to forget they were all over the damn place. You don’t see music TV like that anymore – especially on normal channels. And look at all the craziness that happened in Rio. Remember watching that on TV? That’s insanity. INSANITY. But in that hugely flattering even if totally terrifying kind of way.

It’s the kind of insanity our fandom may not see again, but it’s cool to remember.


Try to picture the Boys renting this super pimped out plane, flying to a bunch of different countries SOLELY to promote a new album in today’s world. It’s weird. Admit it. But it happened then. It’s definitely a crazy era but it had some seriously cool high points. Black and Blue reached us all and in the moment it just made your fandom stronger. No matter what came later on.

But you know, it makes me wonder as I watch these videos, do you think any of the fans you see get shown or talked to are still Backstreet Boys fans? Did they stick around like we did? Did they move on? Random thoughts because thanks to the footage, they’re not quite forgotten as part of the fandom. I’d like to think they’re still fans. I mean, we stuck around through the ups and downs…and I don’t regret it a bit.

What videos would you want to see me do for Flashback Friday? Comment below!

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