Flashback Friday – Brian Singing “One Last Cry”


So we all know I’ve been spending a chunk of my time converting videos.

This is going pretty far back, almost 20 years. I never saw this special on TV in the US though I bought the VHS tape back in the day! I still have it LOL. “Backstreet Boys – Live In Frankfurt”. I didn’t know for years that the video edited out some epic performances. One in particular that took me years to find and then longer to find a decent version of the video. But I FINALLY got around the converting issues, and I FINALLY got around the sync issues (the audio was a major kink for awhile.) To celebrate I posted my favorite of the cut performances that only aired in the German TV special on Premiere.

Brian singing One Last Cry, a cover originally sung by Brian McKnight. I may be biased here, but honestly? I think our Brian does a better job of it. Just listen. Relisten. Listen again! You can just hear that crystal clear voice of his soar. It’s effortless. It’s amazing. It holds up after nineteen years guys. I still love this like it’s the first time I’ve ever heard it. This “Flashback Friday” is an excuse for to gush about Brian who I’ve always had an extremely large soft spot for. (Fun Fact: when I first became a BSB fan, he was my original favorite.)

I’ll be uploading the other solos from the Boys as well, but this still ranks as the best of them. So enjoy the video! (Yes, it will be available to download at our Media Archive!)

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Brian Singing “One Last Cry”

  1. Love your archive! you’re the best for having it online for all of us! are there any more videos coming to the VHS rips part 2 folder in the near future? if so i cant wait :D!


  2. I love the archive! There’s so many awesome videos! Are there any more awesome videos coming to the Special VHS rips part 2 folder? If so i can’t wait :D!


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