So…once upon a time, we posted a blog about the state of the fanclub as of last year.

Guess what? They listened. Wonderful Union reached out to us after that, asked us what the fans wanted. We asked you guys what YOU wanted. Things like…smaller VIP groups (done.) More media on the fanclub (done.) More contests. (Done! And through the fansites too!) And now? Another request is happening, fans will get the chance to send in questions to BSB. They’ll be answering them in a future news post on!

How is this going to happen? Well, I created a blog post on the Backstreet Boys Fanclub, all you have to do is comment with your questions! I’ll be sending in the best questions to Wonderful Union, who will pass it along for the Boys to answer! A Q&A for the fans and by the fans!

Click here to send in your questions!

Make sure you send them in no later than November 15th!

The Submission Period Has Now Closed.

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