Acoustic Dreams Do Come True


So…remember after the Euro-BSB Cruise, I did an entire post pleading for a dvd of the acoustic show they did on the boat? Well, two videos got posted to the Fan Club, but nothing else. So it was a slight win? But mostly sadness at such a great thing being a missed opportunity.

Things change.

Howie and AJ were at Rewind Con this past weekend…and boy did they drop a bomb!

No, we’re not getting a DVD…

But are ARE getting an acoustic album! Yes. I’m not kidding, an acoustic album of the greatest hits. Now we know what Brian’s Instagram post about re-imagining the hits was about.


Is this project connected to anything? We don’t know that much yet. I got the vibe they spoke a little too soon about this. (There’s a shock, right? LOL) This could be connected to Vegas. Maybe they do an acoustic section. Or this could be something to hold us over until the next new album comes out. Too early to tell. Watch the video where they talk about it below!



Either way, this is super exciting because fans have been clamoring for an acoustic project coming from our Boys. Our favorite group is listening, guys. They hear what we want and are trying to give it to us! Just another reason why 2017 is going to be a great year for the fandom. Can’t wait!

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