An #AllAmerican Review From Our All Canadian VIP Winner!


So, after running our very first contest (thanks Wonderful Union!) to give away a pair of VIP passes to one of Nick’s Canadian shows for his All American tour, I had an idea. Why not let our winner tell us about her experience? I haven’t really done any true guest blogs on here and this seemed to be a great place to start! So here is a review from our winner – Stefie! ( @girlygirlstefie on twitter. )

So, I was lucky enough to win a VIP for the concert in Belleville (Thanks you TDS!).

First I was really worried Nick would cancel the VIP or even the show since he was losing his voice! And it would have been okay since his voice is really important. We arrived at the venue arnickreview14ound 3pm and were told that the VIP was pushed to 4:30pm, but the lady told us we could stay inside which was really nice since it was really cold outside! Lucky me I also ended up first row during the VIP. Really had a great time with my friends laughing while waiting for Nick. At one point, we were all on our phone and I said “Nick will arrive and no one will notice because we are all on our phone” while laughing.  Next thing I knew, I looked at the stage and there was Nick! LOL no one had noticed he was there. Here the part where I’m really bad and don’t remember what songs he sang! But he only sang two songs because of his voice. After that he told us that he knows that we think he’s always getting sick when he is on tour *CAUSE YOU’RE ALWAYS SICK NICK!!* but he told us he wasn’t sick, just that his throat got really sore.

After that it was question time, one girl asked him what he thought of the election and he went, “aww man” Eddie told him he couldn’t escape the question. Nick answernickreview15ed that he was Switzerland!  My friend asked him what place he’s never been to, and wanted to go to with the Boys. He said he’s been pretty much everywhere but after thinking a little bit he said Poland and Iceland. Than he starts talking about a frequent VIP flyer kind of thing, like it would be amazing since he saw that we were a lot there that were repeat VIP buyer! I can say Eddie was not really happy lol! He also said that at one point he wants to record I Got You with the guys but Brian and AJ were against it. He jokes about the fact the he and mike went eating hot wings before the VIP and that he thought it was the perfect remedy for his voice and started joking about knowing Howie secret for the high notes! A fan asked him how Odin was doing. He said that he received a lot of pictures and of course misses him, but that he was the most amazing baby super smart!

Then it was time for picture! I was the third one, he said “hi sweetheart” I hugged him and asked him how he was doing. Then I asked ask him if I could have a hug for the picture and he said sure! So, I hugged him and he just rested his head on top of mine! I can’t tell you how happy I am with how my picture turned out!


The show was amazing!!  Even with him losing his voice Nick is a real trooper! He always gave 110%. I ended up being first row, no gate between the stage and us so we were super close! At one moment Nick start to like move his hips and all being sexy and he look right at me … And I love him a lot but I can’t keep my serious he was trying to much I laugh a little bit!

nickreview13Just before Swet he started saying that we need to close our eyes… when no one was about to close their eyes he said “ok so no one will close their eyes right?” We all laughed and he continued by saying we need to imagine ourselves in a sexy bikini. My friend and I made a face and his guitarist started laughing. He also said to imagine him in his speedo and once again we made a face …. let’s be honest … speedos are NOT sexy. On another time Nick was talking to the crowd and came right in front if my friend he looked at her and said “here baby hold my cap” giving her his bottle cap. And he continued, saying “you gotta wet the whistle first” and “I bet you don’t see a guy asking you to hold his cap often” after that I can’t tell you what he said because I was laughing so hard! I know he finished with “why is everything I’m saying sound dirty” . He had to cut his last song because he was not able to sing anymore… so we didn’t have the encore.

I bought merchandise for 175$ so I could have a selfie with him. Even though it was really fast it was again a great moment with Nick he couldn’t talk so he mostly whispered when we said hi. Then it was all finished. But it was an incredible day!


Even “sick” Nick always gives the best for his fans.


Thank you to Stefie for this feedback! And thank you to Nick for not only being a great performer, but for always giving your all no matter how you feel. We love you for that and appreciate everything you do for the fans!

If you haven’t gone to a show yet and you’ll be in the area, there’s still time to buy tickets at! VIP passes can be bought there as well!

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