Happy Birthday Brian!


Once upon a time, in a far away land…

Okay fine. It was only Lexington, Kentucky.

There was a brave young lad…

Well, there was a high school student.

His name? Brian Thomas Littrell. He got a phone call that changed his destiny! From his older and just as lovely cousin, Kevin. Kevin wanted him to do something crazy. He had quite the request for our hero of this story. He wanted Brian to join this group. There were no promises, no guarantees that any of this would amount to anything. But he felt this group…this group could change the world.

Fine, fine, he felt this group could succeed and make their dreams come true.

Brian felt the call to duty and he left everything he knew behind for this great quest!

…He flew to Florida. I like being grandiose, okay?

And this fairy tale has a happy ending my friends, as you all know. It’s a story we like to revisit every year on April 20th. Because on that day in 1993, Brian was in Florida, meeting the other four Backstreet Boys for the very first time. The group wouldn’t be who they were without Brian. Their harmonies wouldn’t be so lovely. The vibe wouldn’t be the same. They’d tried three other people before our shorter Kentuckian came into play, and it didn’t work. This was how it was meant to be.

So thank you Brian, for deciding to accept your crazy cousin’s offer that fateful day. Thank you for sticking with the group all these years through the ups and the downs. You’re a person who can’t be duplicated. You’re someone who’s never been afraid to be who he is.

We hope you enjoy your birthday! And many more ahead!

See you next month!

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