Backstreet Has Taken Over Vegas! (Psst, Spoilers!)


Okay, here’s the spoiler warning. If you want to be surprised, DO NO CLICK ON THE READ MORE LINK. I mean it. I’m going to give a summary about the show but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone! So you’ve been warned…




Let’s get spoiled!

So okay, we’ve wondered, we’ve overthought it, wondering WHAT this residency will be like? And honestly? It looks amazing. First off, let’s talk about the fact Planet Hollywood basically has a one-stop-shop of your BSB Merch needs! I might need to go down to PH just to browse. Cause, it’s a BSB store. Like, that’s the dream.

merch  merch-4











Remember the way they flew in during the Millennium tour? This is like the sequel, seventeen or eighteen years later. (18 years? Holy shit, I just freaked myself out.) First their giant heads are flying and then… (dun dun dun!)


There they are, and in white no less! Serious flashbacks y’all. Just, damn.

And I mean, they sparkle! Nick got them wearing sequins! Okay, I don’t know if it’s Nick’s fault but I mean…there is that whole Dancing With The Stars influence. So it’s more fun to blame him. And Sharna. (Who by the way choreographed two numbers for the Larger Then Life residency!)

I can literally ramble about this for days and my show isn’t even until next Saturday!

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Darlin #bsbvegas

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They sing songs we haven’t heard in ages…like Darlin‘. Which by the way, can we talk about how AMAZING Brian is sounding? Holy crap! We’re so proud of your progress! Not to mention there’s Undone, Anywhere For You, Get Another Boyfriend…songs that literally not been in a BSB set list for DECADES. And now they’re back.

They even go into the crowd…during All I Have To Give.


That alone is worth the price of the ticket. That view.

So, if you haven’t bought tickets to the BSB residency? If you’re debating on if it’ll be worth it or not? It is! It’s crazy, it’s epic, and it’s a time to have fun with friends. Because this fandom is like a crazy wacky little family. Let’s have the BSB Army take over Vegas!

But don’t just take my word for it…


Welcome to my home town Backstreet Boys! We’re glad to have you!


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