Is it 1999? No! Just A Great Time To Be A Fan!

So…let’s talk about the state of the fandom, shall we? Cause I feel we need to.

The Backstreet Boys are all over the media.

They have a single in the Billboard Hot 100! (Fun fact, the last time that happened was 2007! That’s 10 years ago! (Shit, Unbreakable is turning 10?!)

They’re breaking records…

They’re performing at major events!

They’re doing a collaborative stadium tour!

They’re in the newspapers, on magazines…



Wait, is it 1999 again? Did someone make that time machine? Wait, no, smartphones still exist (thank god). So it’s still 2017? That’s even more glorious! Because we’ve reached a new stage in our fandom, ladies and gents. Because while we’re enjoying our Boys being literally ALL OVER THE PLACE (seriously, the struggle is keeping up), we’re in a peak. It’s suddenly beyond cool to be a Backstreet Boys fan again. Journalists are reviewing the residency and gushing about how they’ve been a fan just as long as we have. The residency is breaking ticket sales records. There’s already talk about extending the Boys’ run out here.

The collaboration with Florida Georgia Line brought us a single, a video, and now a three show run in stadiums! And that single? Yeah. God Your Mama and Me is in the Billboard Hot 100. That’s crazy! Because the last song to do that from our Boys? Yeah, Inconsolable. Pre-Kevin comeback, ten years ago. Man, that just feels like another time.

Because right now? The Boys are not only back in town, they are RULING IT.

And while we’ve never needed to “be cool” to let our BSB flags fly proudly, it’s kind of awesome being reminded that yeah, we’re fans of the biggest and best boyband in the world. If there were a boyband Hunger Games in the 90’s? Backstreet Boys are the victors. I know we’ve had some rough patches – when Kevin left, Brian’s vocal struggles (and look how great he’s sounded so far this month!), AJ and Nick’s struggles. But we’re here. We, as a fandom, as a BSB family made it.

So whether you’re able to come out here to Vegas (if you can, DO IT) or not. I want to remind all of you to really enjoy this. Great things are coming. The group’s 25th anniversary is next year and there’s already talk of a Anniversary World Tour. They’re recording the next album while they’re out here in Vegas. They’re doing major festivals. There’s probably even more things that we don’t know about cause our Boys have gotten a LOT better at keeping secrets.

I don’t know about you but back in 1999, I was thirteen. I didn’t have disposable income. I was far too young to appreciate what I had in those days. Now? Now I can do all the things I couldn’t do then and enjoy every second! We all can! Bask in the glory guys.

Backstreet truly is BACK…and as cliche as that sounds, it’s never been better.

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