Let’s Go Back, Waaaaay Back…

Every BSB anniversary, well, it makes me thoughtful. How far the group has come, how much has changed. You know, that sort of thing. I’m not alone, right? This was originally going to be the post for their 24th anniversary (that I still need to write LOL) but, I stumbled on a video I hadn’t watched (or uploaded to YouTube) till I started putting this together. Cause as massive as the media archive is, I’m still trying to get it all to a streaming site.

So I want to talk about this snapshot of their history.

This one is from the DVD that was sold for a bit, with old footage cause of Pearlman being arrested, his assets being seized. But watching it is a trip. Because the Boys? They really have come SO FAR. Nick, and AJ? They were children and now they’re men with families and kids of their own. Howie, Brian, Kevin…they were adults but barely. They were so young. And watching it, it’s just crazy.

At one point Kevin says in the video, “In case there’s any people doubting whether we’re really singing or not, this is gonna prove it to you”.

That was what set them apart. Then and now.

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