Hey…What’s Going On?

What’s going on?

Yes sometimes music inspires my post titles. So, we’re on the longest break we’ve had this year. It’s been flying by! How could it not though? The Boys are all over the media, the residency is crazy successful and it feels like we’re back in the 90s due to all the hype. All in all it feels like a pretty glorious time to BE a Backstreet Boys fan if you want me to be honest. Only now in my case, I’m an adult and can do the things I couldn’t do say the last time, during Millennium. Now I know, on the subject of #BSBVegas, there’s the rumors flying about the extension – I’ll do a post on that the moment we have real confirmation, information and dates!

Until we do have that, let’s look at what IS going on! Cause there’s a lot!

(Thank you Weird World Chile for recording this!)

Wango Tango (And All The Festivals This Month!)

Now it’s not the first or the last one they’ll do, but this is definitely one of the biggest if not THE biggest summer one around. One that the Boys haven’t been invited to in OVER A DECADE. And damn if they didn’t blow it up. Not only did they get rave reviews, they used it as an opportunity to show the world why everyone should be coming out to Vegas to check out their residency. Their performance was a sampler platter of why it’s so amazing.


AJ – A Music Video and A TV role!

So as many of you have heard, he’s been cast to do the voice of a character on the Disney show, The Lion Guard. He’ll be playing a blind golden mole named Kuchimba who seems to think he’s a ninja and can clearly sing his butt off. (I mean, remember AJ is voicing him…)

And speaking of singing, let’s talk about AJ’s solo album.


I know, I know. We’ve been waiting very…well somewhat patiently on his upcoming solo album to finally come out. We haven’t had much from AJ since Have It All which only came out in Japan and he seems to forget about on occasion. That said, it’s looking pretty good if he’s recording a video on Monday! And according to that post he’s finally finished it! C’mon AJ, give us some new music! We need something to hold us off until the new album. Hopefully we’ll get a release date (a final one) soon!


Nick has been cast to be a judge on the upcoming ABC show Boy Band

First ABC gets him on Dancing With The Stars, and now he’ll be a judge aka architect (with Baby Spice no less!). I’m really loving ABC because of it. Anyways, he’ll be helping guide and mentor the young men competing for a spot in a Boyband created by the show with the help of America voting. Think of it as…American Idol or The Voice, only with Boy Bands. I don’t have more details than that really, but I’ll update you when we do. Also, for those who may not live in the US? No worries! I’ll personally make sure you guys can access it in our Media Archive. I can tell you now, YouTube won’t let me upload it there, but you’ll be able to download it, I promise!

Man, we will have Nick on our TVs again ONCE A WEEK starting in June!


The Boys ARE working on a new album!

I already have a post dedicated to this but I feel it needs repeating because I know a lot of fans are doubtful. There WILL be a tour. There WILL be an album. I’m tracking the progress of said album (and the sessions before this year cause who knows what songs they’ll use!) as best as I can. But I want you guys to have faith. It’s happening!

I don’t know about y’all but man, this year is getting better and better!


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