Remember All I Have To Give…The Conversation Mix?

Old school fans or just very in depth fans should.

For those who don’t, it’s a track that was put on the CD single for All I Have To Give, dubbed as a “Part Two”. Honestly I forgot about it for the most part. But see, one of my coworkers lives in my apartment complex and we carpool. It was my day to decide the music so I put my phone on shuffle…and this song came on. My friend side eyed me SO hard and asked me what the heck this was while I, was just laughing my ass off. Because this song is beyond cheesy!

It also reminded me that to non-fans, the Boys released some things that without a pair of fan-colored-glasses, could make people wonder WHY I love this group so much in the first place. You know what? Play it for non-fans if you can. Their reactions are PRICELESS. Trust me!

In fact I’d pay good money for fans to convince the Boys to perform this now.

But since I’m pretty sure that will NEVER happen (though if any of the Boys read this, please consider it! Come on, we’d all get a great laugh out of this!) Maybe I can make a case for the Boys to update it. Turn it into a dedication song to their wives and what they love about them? I think that’d be sweet, myself.

Or just update it to what they reaaaaaallllllly look for in a woman. Pretty sure Howie doesn’t want a personal chef for a wife anymore. If he ever did.

I like the type of girl that one day she’ll become my wife
We” get married and she’ll make me breakfast
She’ll make me lunch and my dinner
I want bacon and eggs, pancakes, orange juice, mashed potatoes,
Turkey, guacamole, chicken…

Then again, Nick’s could still be accurate?

And I like the type of girl that loves to go dancing
The type of girl that likes to move her body
The type of girl that likes to shake what her mama gave her
The type that will let me hold her hand and kiss her
The type that will let me take her to the movies and then kiss her
The type that will let me hold her so tight and then kiss her
And kiss her, and kiss her, and kiss her 

Only that kissing leads to other things…?

I’m not sure why Lou/Johnny Wright thought releasing this in any form was a good idea. I remember even as a kid being a bit what the hell over this song. Though it’s worth hearing Kevin say “no diggity”. This song is possibly the most over-the-top thing they’ve sang that actually got released, officially. (Which rules out the demos) But hey Boys, we wouldn’t be against a 2017 version…

In any event, if you’re having a bad day, go listen to this song. You’ll laugh. And you’ll remember fondly the days when the Boys could release ANYTHING and it was totally okay.

4 thoughts on “Remember All I Have To Give…The Conversation Mix?

  1. I just discovered it on Youtube.Out of all of them Brian and AJs part were the most realistic. But then again does AJ cook?


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