We’re All In This Together

So I see a lot on twitter.

I’ve seen fans bemoaning the fact they can’t go on the already-sold-out-cruise, or can’t make it out for the Vegas Residency. Which, I understand. Sometimes things just can’t happen. But they talk about how they feel guilty and it blows me away. Guilty? Why would anyone feel guilty if it’s just not possible (for whatever reason, doesn’t matter) to travel for these things? Because no one should feel guilty!

No One Fan Is Better Than Another

This needs to be said. It doesn’t matter how many events you’ve done. Or if you’ve done none at all. Whether you’ve seen them on every tour, or haven’t seen a single concert of theirs in person. Every fan supports their favorite group their own way. Do you love their music? Are you a fan? Then we’re all equal. That’s it. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do something! That’s okay. There’s times I can’t do things. Hell, I’ve only gone to several Vegas shows because I literally live twenty minutes from where they’re performing. There’s tours I haven’t done cause I couldn’t make it work. (All American, for a quick example)

And fans who are lucky, fans who CAN do all the things…don’t feel superior. This is a two way street. I’ve seen how some get. It’s one thing to share your moments and how awesome the Boys can be. That sort of thing SHOULD be shared. But don’t use it as a way to essentially say you’re better. That’s not right. As dysfunctional as we are, this fandom is a family. At it’s best, I love it. Being able to chat with others about the group we’re so passionate about? It feels like home! (Pun intended. I may have that song playing as I write this.)

If someone wins something? Be happy for them! Embrace the joy and shove aside any envy or jealousy. Every fan deserves a lucky moment or experience with the Boys. So why not be thrilled? Maybe they’ll post video or tell stories about how it went. We should share in that luck and happiness. Being angry or subversive does thing but make things worse. It won’t make you win or them lose.

So let’s embrace each other, show support. Remind each other that it’s okay if you can’t cruise or if you can’t go to certain shows. We’re all here for the same thing. If you have a moment with a BSB and you’re in a crowd, let others have a chance instead of hogging (or attempting to) that Boy to yourself. Help others have moments if you can. Share. Love. Those are the sort of things that can just make everything that much better.

We’re all in this together.

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