BoyBand Bonding and Blending [Recap Two]

Okay sorry about the delayed recap. I worked late last night so I had to wait, tragically. Next week’s should be earlier. This week the show is an hour long and in contrast maybe the pilot should’ve been going through each of the boys and then ending with the first elimination. Then this week being the first group performance. It was a lot last week. But! What’s done is done.

This week there’s a lot of focus on group bonding for Reverb’s turn to perform. Nick said he’d paired these boys together because he wants to see how what he feels are the strongest vocalists are able to harmonize together. They sing a Capella early into the episode and honestly? It’s pretty good. Nick clearly knows what he’s doing and what he wants! If he gifts the world with a new solid Boyband then I’ll have to go to another Vegas show/VIP to tell him thank you LOL.

The behind the scenes stuff to help prep the boyband potentials are so interesting to me. You not only get a sneak peak of the stuff we don’t normally see, but it shows all the hard work. There’s a lot to a solid boyband that isn’t just a pretty face and nice dance moves that I’ve always felt normal people never realized. So thanks BoyBand for showcasing all the things that go into making a BoyBand like BSB! For example.

So Reverb includes: Andrew Bloom, Jon, Brady, Jaden Chance, and Cam. One of them is going home. Tonight’s performance is “Stay”. It’s a beautiful song but if you mess up, everyone can see it. I’m just excited cause Andrew Bloom is in this group and he really impressed me last week!

I do miss Nick in this episode, we got spoiled last week.

Next week, the last group – Six Track performs and then we start the live shows. They’ll shift around the boys again into new groups to see how they all stack up and who vibes best with who. Best way to form a Boyband I think cause the bond is important as is the vocal blend.

“There’s something to be said about Boy Bands that I think people don’t really pay attention to as much cause they always look at the pretty faces or what’s on the surface. But I come from the old school of basically, it started with vocal harmony FIRST.”

Well said, Nick. He’s not wrong. This performance was solid, very vocally on point. Nick is really into it and you can tell how seriously he takes this. It’s cute and awesome. He wants them to succeed SO badly and it’s great. Jaden is a stand out on this performance. That church voice soars and he’s got such a unique tone. Adding him to my faves list! Not going to lie, them singing around a piano reminds me of BSB during Incomplete.

Nick gives the best constructive criticism! Of the three architects, he gives the most. In a kind way. It’s fascinating though cause it’s another side to him that I’m not used to seeing.  Man, now they got to cut yet another very talented singer. OH THANK GOD. I would’ve been so annoyed if they cut Andrew! Poor Jon, but man, I need Andrew to make it into a group.

Nick’s parting words to the boys leaving each are so sweet.

Only two weeks until the lives show goes live! See y’all next Thursday!

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