#BoyBand – Come Together [Recap Three]

So here’s the thing about being in a BoyBand. You’re not the center. You’re one part of a whole unit. One fifth, to be exact. Eventually anyway, this week it was one sixth. This week’s group, as Timbaland pointed out, was made up of solo artists. I saw several tweets questioning the logic of putting a bunch of soloists together. Me? I got it immediately. How can you find out who’s willing to bend to the give and takes a group requires unless you put all the solo singers together so that there’s no one already set to take a backseat?

So the members of Six Track – we’ve got Calvin, Dorian, Andrew, Miles, Michael and Mikey. Already starting off we have Nick proclaimed “bad boy” Miles, having issues with trying to be part of a group. He admits he’s never been in a band before, and honestly? You can tell. When he gets direction his immediate respond was “I’m the lead” and yes, in that section of the song he was. BUT. In a BoyBand, one that lasts, you’re not the center. That switches around.

Miles has a lot of talent, and I’m glad he ended up staying tonight. But at the same time if he doesn’t remember the group isn’t all about him, there’s going to be problems in the future and he’ll end up going home. Six Track as a whole was the least cohesive. It’s to be expected but it got so bad that Nick during their final rehearsal, had to pull them aside.

I had some serious feelings during this part. If anyone knows about the kind of bond it takes for a group to survive in this industry, it’s Nick Carter. BSB have lasted 24 years and while other groups have broken up (even if they later reunited) there’s a reason why BSB stayed together. He was helpful and he was honest. When he was talking about how there were times in the group where he wasn’t the best member, and hinting at his own mistakes, I was floored. There was a time I never thought Nick would one day be using the lessons he learned the hard way to help young men who want to go down the same boyband road that he did.

You gotta understand, it’s all about being a team.

Truer words have never been spoken. In the end the group seemed to get it together. Their performance was far more on point than their rehearsal was. And their celebration afterwards, and the way they comforted Gavin when he was told he was going home? You could see the friendship that had finally formed. I do agree with the results though.

Also, can we talk about Michael! He caught my attention! He plays the violin, he raps, and he harmonizes amazingly well for someone who’s never done so with others before this show. I’m telling you now he’ll be one to watch. For those keeping tabs, I’ve picked Andrew Bloom, Marcus, Sergio, and now Michael. I’m one short of a Boyband. We’ll see what next week brings.

Also, let’s look at when Nick was talking to Dorian. About how he understands how hard this can be at times. Whether it’s because of where he’s from, his family… you could see how much he related. I love all the architects but at the same time I feel you can see the difference. Nick gives the strongest constructive criticism. Because he’s the one who’s lived it. Emma comes closest after him but even that isn’t quite the same. I’m not huge on singing shows but I hope this one sticks. Seeing Nick play that mentor/BoyBand Father role has been fantastic and my favorite reality show experience of him thus far.

Next week…BoyBand goes LIVE! I might do a post explaining the format. They’re going to switch around the groups next week, and voting begins as well. A lot is coming! Stay tuned!

What did you think of the episode? Comment below!


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