12 #BSBVegas VIP Stories That Will Make You Smile

So sadly, round one of #BSBVegas is officially over. Hard to believe right? We had so much buildup, so much waiting. And now, there’s no Backstreet dominating Sin City till they come back here in November. That is FOUR MONTHS of waiting. Some of you are coming back, I’m sure. Some of you are debating on doing VIP. Let me just share some heartwarming stories I’ve seen from fans who decided to give the #BSBVegas VIP experience a go. Whether you decide to do it or not, these stories are just another example of why our Boys are so amazing.

I’ll start us off.

So my friends and I are nerds, I should probably start with that. I’ve said in this blog before but we’ve made shirts with the Panda “creature” randomly in the “It’s Christmas Time Again” music video on the front, and wore them on a cruise and at VIP. We made a Vegas version and kept getting comments about it. When the four of us approached them at this VIP, Brian remembered us immediately. (Later at that show he kept pointing us out) Anywho, we’ve done VIPs on past tours so we’d decided we wanted fun poses including one of us pretending to be 90s boybanders with the Boys. We told Nick so after everyone tried to organize their place, he’d yell out the next pose so everyone could try and get arranged. The whole thing was comical the way he tried to keep us going and everyone rushing. The boyband photo came out great and is my favorite VIP photo to date.

One of them, we planned for each of us to hug a Boy and for Nick to be stuck in the middle shrugging. Three out of four of us were Nick girls so it was pretty funny. My friend Laureen got stuck by Howie (who was hugging my friend Julie) and AJ was all “where’s my girl to hug?” Howie yelled “hug yourself AJ!” That had me ROLLING. He ended up hugging my friend Lynsey who was already hugging Brian cause he refused to hug himself.

Another, we didn’t really have a pose (we only planned three, bad planning on our part!) and Nick literally pulled me so close I couldn’t take it. I’ve got the biggest shit eating grin on my face because he’s got his cheek on top of my head. I know I look awful but I adore the picture solely because of how happy I was. It took me completely by surprise. I’ve had many moments where my 13 year old inner child died and this was another! I was originally planning on standing with Kevin but when Nick Carter pulls you next to him and decides you’re his, you just don’t argue! LOL.

Rose ( @ForeverRebel )


I’m getting married in August and this is kind of my bachelorette party. So, I made a banner for the guys to hold up and I want to put it in my wedding slide show. I asked them if they could sign it/give me advice. I had 2 mini sharpies rolled up in the middle of my banner, so I think I caught all the security guards off guard when the Boys unrolled my banner and they fell out! They kind of had a “What! How did that get past us?!” look on their face. Haha! Brian wrote some advice and AJ wrote congrats and the rest signed it! But it was awesome, I got congrats from all the guys and Brian was amazing about it, AJ asked when I was getting married and where, and Nick remembered, from his All American tour, when I showed him the wooden engagement ring my fiancé had made me. I didn’t feel too rushed and just an overall really great experience. I can’t wait to show everyone at my wedding!

Charlene Ahorro



I walked in and hugged AJ first then Brian took me into his arms immediately, asked how I was, and told me not to be nervous. Then I hugged Nick and he literally pulled me in for the pic using both his hands. I asked for Brian on the other side of me so he smiled and hopped over to me. After the pic I asked if I could tell them something so they gathered around me. I told them that growing up as a military brat their music was the only constant for me and that it got me through my depression and anxiety and suicidal thoughts and that I used to listen to What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) and pretend it was them singing to me and cry. Nick said “aww” and hugged me again then Brian hugged me again. Kevin hugged me and held me and whispered in my ear “be safe and stay strong sweetie.” And Howie hugged me and said “I’m glad you like our song.” and smiled his sweet smile. Unfortunately AJ didn’t hear me because the person after me walked up too early so he was chatting with her while I was talking to the other guys. All in all in was an amazing meeting with them and I’m so glad I was able to tell them just how much they mean to me and how their music impacted my life. If you have something you want them to know, don’t be afraid to tell them! They really listen to what you have to say. I love them so much and can’t wait to meet them again. I definitely plan on going VIP again and meeting them again!

Adrianna Lopez



Here’s mine – I blink a lot in pictures or always seem to have my eyes closed. After taking the picture I asked if they could make sure I had my eyes open cause I’ve been waiting for this since 1999. Justin checked the camera and said it’s all good you look beautiful. I went to hug Kevin and Howie. I must have looked worried because Kevin knelled down next to me (I’m 5′ 2″) and had them do another one just to be safe. PS – I could have sworn I was touching Kevin’s shoulder not Howie’s arm like a creeper!

– Estelle Paiva



I’ve only met them the once,which was Vegas in March. The night prior I wasn’t able to sleep due to excitement. When it was time to get ready for the VIP my stomach was in knots and my heart was racing. I was cool, calm, & collected in the VIP lounge actually. When it was time to line up to actually meet them, I started to freak the F out lol. My sister was with me and in line I just kept saying “I can’t do this. I can’t do this. Why did I think I could do this? I can’t do this. I couldn’t even handle meeting Santa Claus as a kid, how am I going to meet BSB? I. CAN’T. DO. THIS!” To which my sister laughed at me, said “Yes, you can. You’ll be fine.” The closer we got the more nervous I got. I kept fanning my face with my hands and taking deep breaths to try to calm myself. I probably looked completely insane, lol. Brian was on the end closest to the line of people. He turned towards me and opened his arms to greet me with a hug. I specifically remember saying “Hi” in one of the squeakiest high pitched voices, lol, I didn’t seem to have control over my own vocal cords. He replied “Hi!” in a half laughing, higher than usual, voice. Brian, AJ, & Nick hugs were first, then it was time to take the picture. I asked for a giant squeezy group hug while being the meat in a Brian & AJ sandwich. I got to be the meat in my sandwich but the giant group hug didn’t seem to go through ha ha. That’s ok! Then it was my sister’s turn to meet them, since I was going to be in her photo I got to hang around a little bit longer. While she met the first three boys, I went over to give hugs to Howie & Kevin. When the pictures were over and we were leaving, I told AJ congratulations on his soon to be new daughter (it was two days before she was born) and he thanked me.

It all took place literally under a minute. In a FLASH it was over. Since it’s was over in the blink of an eye, I only seem to be able to I remember a few solid details with just a blur in between. I do, however, remember the very distinct smell of leather since 3 of them, all but Brian & Kevin if I recall, had on leather jackets. I will now always remember them when I smell that smell. It was literally a dream come true and I am so so so SO thankful that I had the experience.

They were all VERY nice, very warm, and very inviting. I’d have to say Brian & Kevin give the best hugs in my opinion!

– Kristin Heckel



This was my first time meeting the boys, and it meant so much more to me than other meet and greets. My dad died unexpectedly in April. And I was just numb. I couldn’t sleep so I’d watch BSB videos on YouTube all night. It calmed me down and in those moments, everything was ok. I felt safe and I could smile. The boys gave me my smile back.

I knew I wouldn’t have the time to tell them that during VIP, and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get the words out. So I wrote them a letter. And I threw a Starbucks gift card in because I like to bring gifts. I was fine until we lined up. And then my stomach felt like it was going to jump out of my throat. I always get nervous at meet and greets, but this was a different nervous. It’s different when it’s your first love, the guys who literally got you through your darkest time. And Brian being first in line was everything to me because he’s been my favorite since day one – and that was the greatest hug I’ve ever had. I gave him the letter and you can see him holding it in my picture. AJ was super sweet when I asked if he and Brian could switch spots. The rest was all a blur. I don’t know if they read my letter, and I may never know, but that’s ok. Just putting it on paper and putting it out there is enough for me.

Sorry for writing a novel, this moment just meant so much to me and it was worth every penny. I love our boys and can’t wait to do it all again soon!

Tricia Hisaoka 



I got to stand by my three favorite Backstreet Boys! I asked AJ if I could stand by Kevin. He told Kevin “she wants to stand by you”. And I love Brian’s and Kevin’s hugs, they are so sweet and caring! AJ was calling my sweetheart as well. This was my second time meeting them, and I’m definitely going back in February to meet them, go to a show and the after party!

Brianne Phelps


Meeting the boys on 06/15 was one of the most impressive, exciting and emotional (but far too short) things in my life, just to marry the most handsome man 5 weeks ago was more emotional 😍 I was shaking as f*** and the boys were so happy meeting someone from Germany and said a few German words 😃 AJ just asked me where I’m from and when I told him he immediately told the others🤗🤗🤗😍 Ahhhhh I’m still so so overwhelmed!!!

– Lydia L. (@Schnattchen88 )


Just finished meeting the guys and I was able to tell them I have looked up to them since I was 6 years old and it was a dream come true to meet them!!! Everyone of them were beyond nice!!!!! #BSBVegas

– Sean (@Seanaustin2125)



My whole VIP experience was amazing! I had great fun and met amazing new friends from all over the world. But the highlight for me was Kevin- I asked him to sign my arm for a tattoo (which he happily did, ignoring the ‘no autographs’ yell from his security). I told him that my mom is deaf and we went to a Black and Blue concert when I was little. We had a sign language interpreter, which Kevin saw, and he signed ‘I Love You’ to our section. He made a bunch of forever fans that day! He loved the story, gave me another long hug, and said to give my mom his love. 😍 

Allison Chickering (@operablondie)



So let me start off by saying AJ started off being my least favorite BSB. However after the cruises, I have totally changed my opinion. Granted he is not my favorite but seeing how he interacted with the people in wheelchairs on the cruise and just interacting with him on my own, I realized just how much of a sweetheart he is. He’s a big teddy bear. He’s super easy to talk to too. I am so happy I got my picture with him after waiting and even traveling all the way to Europe to get my selfie with him lol. AJ and I had one more together. But the whole cruise he really wowed me with fan interaction and taking pictures. He stayed up late every night taking photos with fans and meeting fans. So he wins in my book.

Okay so for my meet and greet, I was actually hesitant to buy one because of the price but I decided that I should go for it. I hadn’t done a solo pic with the boys since 2011 and it was high time for a new one. I went into meet and greet and the lounge is pretty cool. Has snacks and we got free drink tickets. Another fan actually gave me hers and I had mostly water. The photo booth was super fun and they had games and other things to keep fans busy. I hung out with a couple people that were super nice. So I love the fan lounge. I also love that they call us up by groups instead of all at once. It’s more organized than before. I was a little nervous but I think hanging out and talking with other fans relaxed me. I wore my birthday sash because we were celebrating my birthday early and everyone was saying happy birthday which made me excited. The boys wished me as well. I got to hug them all and Kevin stopped to talk to me a little asking where I was from… Nick kept trying to pull me close to him and I said “hold on I’m not done yet” . All the boys laughed and Howie said “Oh shit”. It was so funny. Nick pulls me toward him again and I turned and said “Brian you come over here” and he pretended to run over. I laughed so I was laughing in the picture. I was super happy with how it came out and I thought it was very much worth the money. The staff at the show was great and definitely made sure that we were very happy.

– Tracy Parr (@FrickingKaos)


I honestly had no real plans to go to Vegas when it was rumored, but as soon as it was announced, I jumped on the opportunity. A good majority of my closest friends went with me to Vegas for the first three shows except for two, Hannah and Julia who were really, really missed. The shows were amazing, but it was probably the fun I had with my friends at the show and VIP that made the trip worth it. I needed this fun trip after the year I had last year with my Mom almost dying (and she’s in the hospital again as I write this!). So when it came time for the VIP, Brian and AJ hugged me tight and Nick’s face lit up like it usually does because we always tease each other, but he hugged me tight.

We had exchanged messages last summer about my Mom and I’d never been hugged so tight. I had taken an anxiety pill before we left the hotel to go to Planet Hollywood and it was having a weird effect on me and I petted AJ’s beard and Howie. No idea why. I have never done anything like that before. Apparently AJ and Brian laughed about it. I quickly told them I wanted a group hug photo and it happened so quick, I was worried about how it came out… but it’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. Before I left I looked back and Nick and asked if I could have another hug and he said, “I think you deserve one,” and I told him he did, too. He hugged me tight again and I left feeling happier than I had felt in a really long time. There’s something about those boys that just makes me happy – their music, their voices, their hugs, their laughter. Vegas was everything I had dreamed about since the Fall and I’m glad I got to spend it with Mara, Lacy (her husband Stephen), Jen (and her fiancée Craig) and all the other friends I got to see. This fandom really is my safest place to hide.

– Karah-Leigh Hancock (@Princess_Karah / @BSBFangirls )



Thank You Nick, Brian, Kevin, AJ and Howie for making every experience with you guys unique and special.

Do you have a #BSBVegas VIP experience you want to share? Comment below and I’ll add it to the post!

3 thoughts on “12 #BSBVegas VIP Stories That Will Make You Smile

  1. I met the Backstreet Boys for the very first time in February 2018 after being a fan for over 20 years. I splurged and bought Meet and Greets for both myself and my little sister. I was SO nervous even though I knew the guys would be nice. I think the body guards could tell I was nervous and asked me if I was ok as I waited for my turn. I started to lose my voice that day so when I walked up to Brian and he asked how I was I said “great!” in a high pitched squeaky strained voice. I honestly have no idea what I said to AJ. When I got to Nick he was so sweet to me and gently tried to move me in to picture position beside him but I managed to ask him if I could have a group hug. He yelled out “group hug!” to the rest of the guys and it felt like we posed in that hug for several minutes though I’m sure it was only a few seconds. I distinctly remember how soft the leather of Nick’s jacket was. Hugging Kevin was a blur and then Howie said “Good to see you!” Was it possible he actually remembered ME from his solo event the night before (my first ever M&G with any of them)? Since I paid for my sisters meet and greet she was more than happy for me to be in her picture as well— I needed as many opportunities as possible to look decent in a picture! Kevin and Howie told me it was nice to meet me I think in an attempt to nicely tell me it was the next person’s turn, so I told them it was my sister and I was going to be in her picture too. They then told the other guys we were sister and AJ shouted “sister picture!!” like it was the most exciting thing ever. I scooched back over in between Nick and AJ for a more traditional stand in a line posed picture. My sister and I quickly excused ourself after the picture trying not to hog too much time, but Kevin called out “hey ladies!” And stopped us as we were leaving. We turned around and he said “I just wanted to let you know that you ladies look beautiful. I hope you have a great time tonight— don’t get too wild!” I pretty much MELTED in that moment and we thanked him and told him to look for us at a VIP table. We left and collected our things and went down the stairs to leave the venue until closer to show time. As we descended the stairs I suddenly started to burst in to tears much to my surprise, and even more surprising to my sister. I never cry! They asked me for my ticket to scan me out of the venue and I fumbled and felt a little foolish looking through my tears for my ticket, but managed to pull myself back together! We had an amazing night and an amazing time at the show— the highlight for me was AJ grabbing my hand and singing to me during “More Than That”. I can’t wait to go back in October!

    (I’d be happy to provide my M&G pictures if you’d like them)


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