#BoyBand – What You Do As Brothers [Recap Four]

“It’s not just about how you sing, but what you do as brothers.”

Wise words from NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick, one of the special guests as Boy Band went live for the very first time this week. It’s in the line of what Nick’s been saying since the pilot and it’s something that once again rang true tonight when it came to tonight’s elimination. The other special guests were our own AJ and Bobby Brown from New Edition. I was actually a little disappointed they weren’t more actively part of tonight’s show. I thought they would be. Really they helped with the epic intro which showcased all the contestants singing a medley of boyband hits – Starting with New Edition and spanning through to NKOTB, BSB, NSYNC, and One Direction.

How do you not love that evolution of Boy Bands opening?

AJ and Nick singing to Emma was especially cute.

Once again I wish I was a Spice Girl. Oddly something I haven’t wished since I was nine or ten LOL. So we’re down to the top fifteen contestants tonight, about to go down to fourteen. The three groups (which WILL change up again next week) are Tr5ble, Element, and Topline. They have to keep mixing and matching, that way we can see how these boys can come together and be the group they need to be.

The first group that performed was Topline. Thank you Boy Band for tweeting pics and showing who’s in what group! That’s my only issue is sometimes I can’t keep all the contestants straight except for my (now 5) favorites. I’ll add a performance link the moment I see one uploaded because honestly the first one was my favorite. They did what I felt was a fantastic rendition of “Despacito”.

Nick described them as a 2017 Menudo and honestly? I feel like it’s spot on.


I already enjoy Michael Conner who’s vocals are getting better by the week. And as usual, Sergio charmed and sang his way into the crowd’s hearts. I’m telling you now, Sergio is going to make it to the end. I can’t see how he won’t. A cute moment on tonight’s show was Topline trying to dance to this song in front of their moms to keep it PC.

(Also, it made me feel old LOL.)

So…next was Tr5ble. The name reminds me of 5ive, remember them? Baby when the lights go out… Sorry, boy bands were and still are my crack. I can’t help it. Even though I never could get into 1D but this show is fixing what I felt 1D was always missing. Probably because they’ve got Nick helping guide these kids, so you get an updated version of the 90s boy bands we always loved. Vocally, they were in for a challenge. Their song? “Rolling In The Deep”.

It was a solid performance but Cam’s voice cracked right in the beginning. You know who caught my eye a little? Brady. I told Sara (at WHOTB) this on twitter cause he reminded her of Brian, and I could see it. He’s got that same sort of innocent smile. But he also reminded me of Nick. Nick said he reminded him of himself, which I thought was cute. Personally if in an alternate universe where those crack slash fanfics are real – this kid would be Brian and Nick’s lovechild. He’s a total hybrid of them. If I picked six favorites, Brady would be my number six.

So let’s talk about Element. This performance was interesting. It wasn’t bad, persay. But that chemistry? That magic I mentioned at the beginning of this post? Totally missing. It felt like a bunch of soloists performing together. That can’t happen in a Boy Band! Maybe it was just the wrong combination cause I really like Andrew Bloom and Jaden. You know who caught my eye in that performance though? Devin. I hadn’t noticed him and that’s likely cause of what Nick had pointed out tonight, he’d been having confidence issues. But he dominated the stage and I could see him in the fifth spot of my Fantasy Boy Band. Which is essentially what I’m playing as I watch this show each week.

So…who was safe? Tr5ble. Which I didn’t agree with. Should’ve been Topline.

Who was up for elimination? Mikey and Miles.

I still don’t agree with them picking Mikey.You could see how hard it was for Nick to say that was who they picked for their first contesting up to go home. He cares. He truly cares about these kids and is doing everything he can to help. Nick has become Kevin on this show and it’s freaking beautiful. Warm fuzzies every time I watch him advise them.

But Miles? DUDE. I said last week that if he didn’t get his shit together and learn how to be PART of a group, he was going home. His being up for elimination didn’t surprise me in the slightest. Because he still hadn’t learned it! Emma commented on not being able to see who he is when he performs and it’s totally true. He’s talented but he’s not connecting with the crowd and his definitely not connecting with his fellow band members.

So…wasn’t even slightly shocked when Miles got voted off.

Hopefully they can all mesh better now that Miles is gone. Cause a member who’s forever out for only himself can destroy the chemistry. See: NSYNC. (No insults intended, but you can see the difference in them vs BSB because of Justin Timberlake). Next week the show is live yet again, and the boys will be shuffled around into new groups.

For those wondering my current picks for a Boy Band off this show are Sergio, Andrew Bloom, Michael, Marcus, and Devin. We’ll see what happens.

See you next time!


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