#BoyBand – Livin’ On A Prayer [Recap Five]

Sorry about the delay, had to work. Real life stinks. So this week we have the top fourteen. Each of them split up into new groups and I actually like this. Mainly because it really does give them a chance to find what works. Sometimes I get confused but the purpose makes me happy enough that I make myself keep up. The opening had all the boys singing “Uptown Girl” to Rita. Am I the only one sad about the missed opportunity with the “Backstreet Guy” line? Cause we have a Backstreet Boy! Come on! I did enjoy it though.

Speaking of that, Marcus (one of my picks) hasn’t been standing out since week one. It’s a little depressing. But you know who has? CAM. Like I know he cracked last week but holy crap tonight he’s been selling it and I really like the tone of his voice. Just saying. I might swap around my five picks next week.

Can we talk about the throwback pictures? SUCH a cute idea! Look at Nick’s face!

So let’s talk about the first group – Timeless. Featuring both Andrews, Chance, Michael Connor, and Marcus. It was actually pretty cute the way they had them singing in those hair band outfits. Sphynkter anyone? It was a good performance of “Livin’ On A Prayer” but I did feel it got slightly pitchy. Then again it was the hardest to sing so I should probably give them some wiggle room.


Andrew Bloom reminded me exactly why I picked him. Michael, I know he didn’t come in here as a singer but he’s gotten really solid. Perfect for a group actually. I wouldn’t give him leads all the time but between his harmonies and his rapping, he’d be a good pick. I’m impressed mainly because he’s learned all the vocals on the show. Unlike another who I’ll get to later.

I think the best thing was seeing Nick rock out. That Boy has too much energy to just be an architect. He never stays in his seat! It’s amusing as hell because he’s so damn excited and he can’t even attempt to hide it.

Okay so…Next Up was the next group. That name, it’s making me confused as I type.  So we have Brady, Dorian, Jaden and Mikey. Their song was “True Colors” and it was a great performance. Jaden’s range is ridiculous.

I think what got me though was Jaden talking about how he connected to the song. He brought up his dad who’s been in and out of jail a lot. The other three were very supportive and the bonding gave me Backstreet vibes to be honest. But when he said it to the architects, Nick got really emotional. Which about broke me. Due to issues that I’m not going into on here, Nick was probably able to relate more than normal to what Jaden is struggling with. I can too and so when Nick got teary, I did. I have a brother with a lot of issues, so I understood when both talked about how you still can’t help but love them. It’s not easy.

It was a very real and touching moment.

My favorite performance came from Maxed – Cam, Devin, Drew, Sergio and J Hype.

Noticing Sergio is in my favorite performances literally every week. He’s SO going to make it to the end. No question. You know who I don’t think will? J Hype. This performance he almost talked his verse and you can’t hide in “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”. It showcases what you can or can’t do. I know he’s a good beat-boxer but you need MORE than that in a successful group. Michael C realized that and is making it happen. Maybe J can’t, cause he does look like he’s working on it in all fairness. Not discounting that at all. But at the same time, it’s  time for him to go.

Nick called it out and I was literally like THANK YOU. Someone had to say it!

Sadly…J Hype was up for elimination and America screwed up.

They voted poor Dorian home, who was a great vocalist. Sigh.

In the end though you can only skate so far. He’s living on a prayer right now. J Hype will go home soon. I was right about Miles and I know I’m right on this. Sorry Dorian, you deserved to stay longer. I’m frustrated but not as invested as some. It’s kind of crazy in a good way? Search #BoyBand on twitter and you’ll see what I mean. We really are creating the next boy band generation.

Next week they’re doing a Movie Week. These themes are cute, didn’t expect them but I like them! The recap will be late (again) due to work but I’ll make sure it’s posted and that all the media makes it into the archive so no worries!

See you next week!

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