#BoyBand – No One Is Safe [Recap Six]

If nothing else drove that home, tonight did.

Mainly because well, someone went home that SHOULD NOT have in my opinion, and my rage basically told me I’ve gotten invested in this show! When did happen? Okay yeah I’ve been blogging it every week but that’s because of Nick. I’d be doing that whether I was invested in this show or not. But I got mad tonight and I was like well crap, I might watch this even if Nick wasn’t an architect. So, kudos ABC. You got me watching a Singing Show for the show itself. Something not even American Idol could ever get me to do.

Also…before I start on the episode, just enjoy this bit they did this week for “Movie Soundtrack Week”. Because it’s hilarious and adorable and I’ve watched it a couple times now. Enjoy.

Do more fun stuff like this ABC for this show. Seriously.

So let’s go back, to the opening number. I love these. They remind me how talented all these kids can be. God I feel old cause I think of them as kids. I’m so not the core audience but hey, I’m a 90s kid. Nick Carter, Baby Spice and boy bands are my thing. But Michael shows why he’s still here, he is the triple threat of this show.

I’ll add the video when they post it cause it’s worth watching.

Two boys went home tonight, no group was safe. Which means it’s getting real and we’re narrowing it down. So we have three groups, Levelled, All In, and Undivided. Let’s start with All In.

All In (Brady, Chance, Mikey, Sergio, and Marcus). Once again the STRONGEST performance of the night. The weak spot in this though however was Marcus. He started off so strong in episode one and then just fell off. In fact I’m taking him off my Fantasy Boy Band for this show, sorry dude, you’re not in my top five. He definitely went off key and they’re doing songs now you can’t hide in. Tonight’s song for this group? How Far I’ll Go from Disney’s Moana.

Nick went in to chat and mentor them and I got to say, it’s nice they’re showing more of this. I’ve suspected the architects have been mentoring them long before now leading up to show night but I’m glad they’re showing it. ABC this is the kind of thing we want! Please keep doing this! The cutest part in the preparation was Nick chatting about the “boy band” roles and who’d know better than the one who’s lived them?

As for the actual performance, Sergio. Dude he’s a lock. He has NOT had even ONE bad week. Holy hell. Like if he went home I’d be in pure shock. The other nice thing is Nick really focuses on the vocals whether in prep or in the live feedback. I agree that Chance and Sergio basically dominated the stage. Not to mention Nick asking for them to bring up Chance’s little girl was literally the sweetest thing ever.

Since it’s my favorite performance of the night, I’ll find a video later to put in here.

Undivided (Andrew Butcher, Jaden, Devin, and Drew. ) to be fair got the hardest song. Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. Great song. But you can’t hide in it. Andrew sounded off, maybe couldn’t get high enough? I’m not sure. But I’ve said since the beginning that this might be the wrong place for him. He belongs more as a country solo artist. Jaden is a freaking powerhouse. Holy shit. WHY didn’t I pick him for my top 5 in day one? I don’t know but he’s there now.

(For those keeping score of my Fantasy Boy Band/aka Top 5 picks for this show – Jaden, Devin, Sergio, Andrew Bloom, and Michael C.)

Nick called out Andrew Butcher’s stage presence and he’s got a point. I again, just feel like his talent is there in spades, but he’s going for the wrong thing, you know? Here’s the thing, Nick is clearly the “hard ass” of the show. If you can call him that. He’s the one to impress and the hardest to do so with. BUT, he says what these boys need to hear and not what they want to hear – and that’s important.

And on that note, let’s move on to Levelled.

Levelled (Andrew Bloom, J Hype, Michael, and Cam) who got to sing See You Again from Furious 7’s sound track. This was easily the weakest performance of the night. There were issues all around, honestly. I feel like a couple of them had breath control issues. Things you pick up on after being a fan of a boy band that always focused on vocals for over two decades.

J Hype…was defensive about the fact Nick called him out on his vocals. Talking about how he’s a beat boxer. I get that but this is a show about creating a BOY BAND J Hype. You can’t be in a boy band if you can’t sing! I’m sorry! That’s what this will come down to. I know it’s rough but if you can’t get your vocals together then you’re going to go home eventually. Having him and Michael in the same group this week shows the difference between them too. Michael can sing, he can harmonize, even if rapping is his focus.

Honestly he should’ve been up for elimination tonight. Even Timbaland admitted he was off. SO WHY did they put up Cam? Like okay yeah Cam should be more exposed persay when he’s singing but his voice was killer! Come on! See? Invested. Nick was going to add more but Tim wouldn’t exactly let him lol, which I get cause it wasn’t Nick’s turn. But still. If you’re being told two weeks in a row your voice is an issue you should be up for elimination.

Okay, I’m good.

So…Mikey, Cam, and Andrew Butcher were up for elimination. Cam and Andrew Butcher went home. I’m sorry Cam, you went home way too soon. I have faith though that eventually vocal prowess or lack thereof will lead to who stays and who goes. It kind of has to if they expect the boy band to actually have a career after this show, right? Right.Nick was pretty upset about Cam going home, which Nick…glad you see what I did.

Next week! I’m working so again this might be posted late but it’ll go up! Boyz II Men are performing next week too for “Heartbreak Week”. Fitting, am I right? Wonder if we can get BSB performing on this show too then. You’d think that’d be easy enough…

See you then!

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