#BoyBand – They’re Just Boys [Recap Seven]

Can we take a minute to talk about that opener from Boyz II Men? HOLY SHIT. It was pure fire! Take note future fangirls. I know y’all are going hardcore when it comes to this show. Mainly because I searched “Nick Carter” on twitter earlier and I saw y’alls rage. It was cool actually, made me think how I probably would’ve done the same if social media had existed during the 90s. But seriously THIS is a great example of what a Boy Band should be. Solid vocals, great charisma.

Boyz II Men are one of many reasons why the 90s had the best boy bands.

Backstreet Boys are the biggest reason – just an FYI.

Nick getting up and dancing the moment they broke into Motown Philly was the absolute greatest. The energy he has each week is downright fabulous. Bless him. But back to the fangirls, man we’re handing over a torch!

I know having Nick on the show is why many of us BSB fans are watching but young girls are too given the kind of show it is and it’s neat that we’re sort of giving them the mantle. Same way Nick is trying to do so for those kids. Which, by the way is why he’s critical.

He’s telling them what they need to hear. Someone has to.

Okay, moving on. This week we have another double elimination. It’s also the second to last week of group performances. The week after next, they’re be performing solo so we can get a sense of who they are outside of the group. Which I think we all need a reminder. It’s been a long time since week one.

One neat thing is they debuted the song that’s been written for the final five when they form their own group. It’s got a good beat. What I think will make or break the song will be how well it’s performed and how well it’s sung. I don’t know if the group will make it outside of this show but it’d be neat if it did honestly. The next generation needs a good boy band. They’re good for the soul!

Let’s move to the groups. Which I was able to name without hearing Rita call them out! Go me! Another sign of investment I think which…bah.

Relentless – (Andrew, Jaden, Michael, and Brady) who were given the song “Since You’ve Been Gone”, good song but I’m curious on their take of it. Hmm, this song needs some harmonic work I think. It could be that it’s a higher pitch so it felt less in their range or it could be this week’s combination of people. I’m not sure but it didn’t work for me. That said? Jaden is here to play. He’s had a great voice since the start but I feel like he’s able to put himself out there more. Like I feel like he’s gotten serious. Also, Brady? I think he’ll go far but I agree with Nick. He’s been doing the same thing every week. Andrew I disagree with Emma, he’s been lovely. Michael has been doing great as always. He will make it to the end. I’m not correct about all of my top five, but he will stick. Quote me.

Awake – (Chance, Devin and Drew) They got “Without You” which I think would be easier than what Relentless got. Luck of the draw. Hmm, okay Drew you do have solid vocals. I see the appeal of Chance but I feel like the tone of his voice is why I’m not sold on him yet. Definitely stronger than the previous performance, especially since they’re a trio this week. I’ve decided to pay more attention to Drew next week. I haven’t cause honestly? He hasn’t gotten me to pay attention. But since we’re closing in on the finals, it’s about time for me to. This performance may or may not have inspired that thinking.

Okay interesting that Nick is pointing out Drew is peaking now. Damn I should be a Nick mind reader. That performance was great for him. WAIT a second Timbaland. I get the breathing issues, you’re not wrong about that with Devin tonight. But where was this vocal critique last week, with J Hype? COME ON! Like be fair across the board.

(Thus why I feel like Nick is the strongest judge/architect.)

Moving on.

New Wave – ( J Hype, Sergio, Marcus and Mikey). Damn J Hype is 14? Shit. I didn’t realize that. I feel a little bad about my critique from last week now. That said, vocals are key and J Hype admitted that yes, more talented vocalists went home last week instead of him. That kind of admission makes me want to give the kid a break. Yes this is a competition and yes, he should go home because of his vocals. At the same time, it’s easy to forget that THESE ARE KIDS. This can’t be easy. They’re going through the ringer and so more power to them.

Now, let’s talk about their performance of “Jealous”.

Solid harmonizing at the beginning. Look at Mikey stepping up. I only noticed him because in the bottom two but I’m wondering why after the way he just started. Sigh. Oh J Hype, you’re still a kid, literally. But that solo was flat. Your beat boxing was great but those vocals, yikes. At this stage it’s going to expose you for what you can or can’t do. Damn Sergio never has a bad week! Like literally every damn episode I’m saying this. If he’s not in the top five, I’ll question the younger generation’s standards. He’s perfect for a boy band y’all.

Shit, Marcus just upped his game too. Like, he plateaued for a long time after week one. The first week after I took him out of my “Fantasy Boy Band” he decided to slay. Figures. This was my favorite performance of the night. Which for the millionth time included Sergio. Shocker.

PS – Thank You Boy Band/ABC for these gifs. They are a god damned treasure.

Timbaland is nuts. No breakout moment for Sergio? Literally his entire run has been. I cannot. Nick, once again is on point. J Hype is so young. Ridiculously young. He has so much time to learn. That said, they have to hold him to a standard. It’s not fair to the other contestants to give them one and him another.

Elimination –  J Hype (his reaction made me a little what the heck cause you admitted better vocalists have gone home before you, but again he’s 14 so yeah.) Andrew (THE HECK?) Devin (Okay this one is fair since there was only three to chose from in his group.) Nick explaining J Hype’s being up for elimination you can kind of tell that he’s like okay America, you need to keep him if you want him. Which I can’t blame him. Cam shouldn’t have gone home before him, based on vocals alone.

Who Went Home? – J Hype and Andrew.

Sad about Andrew. He was so good! Welp, my current Fantasy Boy Band has to change again now that Andrew is gone. Shit. Didn’t plan for him to leave just yet. Honestly? I think I got to go with Drew. I slept on him but damn, tonight had me going where did he come from? For those who are keeping up, my current five are – Michael, Jaden, Sergio, Devin, and now Drew. Hope I don’t got to change it up again! Good thing I didn’t bet on this.

Next week…we’re at the top nine. Girl Power week! Which, love it. Hope one group gets a pop song! I’ll have this up sooner next week since I’ll be able to watch it live. Thanks for sticking with me, hope you enjoy the recap and if you missed this episode or ANY of the previous ones…check the media archive okay? 😉

Till next time!

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