Open Letter To Next Generation Of Fangirls Watching Boy Band

So, I’ve been saying on twitter it’s a waste of time to get engaged with the young fans of Boy Band. Because they’ve been saying some nasty things about Nick because of the comments he gives the contestants on the show. I know it’s rough. I know it’s frustrating. But you know, you have to remember that these girls are still kids. We were like this once too during the boy band battles of the 90s. ‘

But, if anyone who’s angry at Nick stumbles on this blog, here’s my thoughts on it.


To The Teenaged Fangirls,

With this show, I know it’s so easy to get attached. These boys are cute, charming absolutely talented. But here’s the thing, you’ve known from the beginning not every boy will make it to the end. There’s only five slots and that makes for some painful cuts. Nick is from the biggest selling boyband in HISTORY. All time. The Backstreet Boys are the only boyband to have kept going without breaking up. They haven’t stopped and they have the secret in what it takes to survive the ups and downs in a group that wasn’t originally created to last.

Because of this, he knows what it will take. He knows what these kids will have to go through over the years. The music world isn’t easy, and it takes no prisoners. The things he’s said are kinder than what producers, managers, etc. will say if they don’t like what they see or hear. Nick cares about these kids and how well they will do. He cares more than you realize and he’s SUCH a good person. We’re lucky to have him. He cares about his fans, the group he’s in and his passion is insane. He doesn’t deserve to be torn down like this.

Maybe that doesn’t matter to you and you know what? That’s okay too. BSB Fans, Nick fans, they are just as protective of him because we’ve grown up as fangirls ourselves. We remember what it’s like though we didn’t have the issue of social media in the mix. We’re not asking you to like Nick or the results of this show. We’re asking you for respect. Respect that he’s there for a reason. Respect that he has the best intentions at heart. These choices are made by ALL THREE architects, not just one. The vote is done by America, not the architects.

Rather than spend your energy building up hate? Use that to support the artist you love! Help him get his fame in a different way. Support gets you somewhere. And this comes from the generation where our biggest goal was to take down NSYNC. And now, members of that group are friends with our faves. Life can be funny that way.

So stop trying to tear Nick down for doing his job. Stop coming at the fangirls who rush to defend them. I know we’re “older” so you think we shouldn’t, but it’s natural. We grew up with our boy band, they’ve been there for us. So of course fans will get protective. Just please, understand that what Nick says are for good reasons. It sucks seeing your favorites go home but that shouldn’t stop you from supporting them individually. So do that!

Did you know that one member of NSYNC didn’t make the cut for BSB? Yep. What happened? The creator of BSB felt this wasn’t the end of things. That member created his own group. They became the second biggest boy band of the 90s. You never know what can happen from here.

And one day in the future  you’ll shake your head at yourself and the crazy things you did in the name of fandom as a teenager. All this anger isn’t worth it guys.

Sincerely, a 90s fangirl.



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