#BoyBand – You Have To Find That Magic [Recap Eight]

Sorry about the delay in posting this! Had some internet issues so while I could write this I couldn’t post it. So let’s talk about tonight’s episode, shall we?

Before TLC or Destiny’s Child…there was En Vogue. I loved that this was how we opened the show. They were amazing, they still are amazing. Just, damn what an opening! If you don’t know En Vogue (too young, didn’t get into them, whatever) please go look them up. You won’t regret it. Also that opener made me think maybe Season 2 of this show should be “Girl Band”/”Girl Group” – everything is the same format wise but instead trying to form a girl group. Just saying.

This was the last week of groups, next week we have solo performances, and it’s also the last time the architects get to put people up for elimination. They don’t get to have a say in the finale beyond critique. Wow this went by fast! Also this means twitter won’t be a war zone in three weeks so that’s a relief.

The first performance was from Out Of Control (Drew, Jaden, and Mikey). I had high hopes for this trio and admittedly this was probably the strongest performance of the night though it wasn’t the one I enjoyed the most. They performed Titanium by Sia which is a great song. Mikey was definitely the weakest link in this trio but you can tell he’s fighting hard to stay. Jaden shone the brightest to no one’s surprise. That kid’s range is MADNESS. Like, the falsetto.

You never know what you’re going to get when you put them together.

Nick’s words, and compared that to like what ended up happening with Backstreet. That said, I didn’t feel the magic in ANY of the groups tonight. I don’t know what was missing but there was just no real spark in any of the groups like in weeks past. I think it was just a bad shuffle. Bound to happen.

So the next performance is from Third Wheel (Michael, Chance, and Marcus). This worried me. Like I’ve gone up and down with Marcus but I still think he’s talented, he just up until last week wasn’t really rising to the occasion? Michael is insanely talented but his vocals are more geared for harmonizing. And Chance? Chance has just never been that dynamic (outside the fact he has an adorable daughter) They’re performing “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera. That is a song that DOES NOT LET YOU HIDE. So I was a little concerned. I ended up being right.

The harmonizing was spot on. The raps were an interesting take.

The lead vocals fell a bit flat.

Funny thing? Nick adores Marcus and is pushing hard for him to be in the top 5.


The last performance I was hyped for, because Sergio typically has the best ones. Plus, the group name Never Gone (Sergio, Devin, and Brady) had a lot of BSB smiling since that was the name of the post-break album they had in 2005. (That’s break, not breakup) They were given Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” and it was enjoyable. The dance moves were good, Sergio sounded great…admittedly Devin was having technique issues again. Like I said, I enjoyed this the most but admittedly this wasn’t the best performance.

The magic wasn’t there for any of these tonight. Sorry kids.

That said…they put Devin up for elimination with SERGIO. What the heck guys, Sergio?! Emma wasn’t thrilled either. She had a little debate with Nick who gave the reasons that Timbaland critiqued last week. My opinion? They put up the strongest performer to make sure Devin went home. Cause I won’t lie, I might not have voted against Devin had it been say Mikey or Chance. But I did cause no way did I want Sergio to go home.

Devin obviously went home.

Also now that Devin is out? Marcus is back in my Fantasy Boy Band. For anyone keeping score, my top five picks are now: Jaden, Marcus, Drew, Sergio, and Michael. We’ll see if it works.

I may not agree with Nick tonight about Sergio but I respect his opinion. This is what the teens watching this show need to realize. I already wrote my open letter to them about it but sometimes I wonder if I should write one to the fandom too. I know it’s hard reading all their harsh (mean, cruel and downright bullshit) comments and tweets on twitter. But those girls are still kids and fighting back doesn’t help. But I know it’s hard cause Nick is our Boy and we know better.

So…next week, solo performances!

What are we going to do when Nick doesn’t grace our TV every week?

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