The #BSB25Project – Let’s Celebrate The Boys’ 25th Anniversary!

The #BSB25Project – Let’s Celebrate The Boys’ 25th Anniversary!

Ever since the day Brian made the group complete back in 1993, the Backstreet Boys have shown us what they’re made of. They’ve touched us in so many ways. Not to mention they’ve been living up to the promise that as long as there be music, we’ll be coming back again. And now? It’ll be twenty five years since that journey began next year. There has to be a way to celebrate that, a way to celebrate them. A way we can thank them for the way that the Boys and their music have found ways to touch us.

In all honesty we can’t match what they have done, what they mean to us. We just can’t. We don’t have that kind of time, money, or resources because they have done SO MUCH.  What we can do though, is band together to publish a FULL PAGE AD from us to them to thank them for everything and to celebrate the accomplishment of 25 years together as a group, defying the odds and the music industry everyday.

We the fandom are uniting. You’ll see this posted on multiple fan pages as we set out to spread the word to as many of our fellow BSB Fans as we can! (Thank you to Sara at What Happens On The Backstreet however for coming up with this brain child and inviting us to help her make it happen!)

So, here’s what we’re going to do…

  • What Do You Mean By “We”?

It’s like I said, everyone. All of us. Every single fan is invited to take part in this project because, young or old, if you’re reading this, every single one of us has been affected by the Backstreet Boys at one point in time. No one is taking credit for this project because it will literally be a group effort.

  • What Is It?

A full page ad in Billboard magazine for April 2018 – the month that BSB will celebrate their 25th anniversary. This magazine is not only read by music fans, but some of the most powerful people in the music industry, reaching nearly 150k readers. You can also access the full magazine on the Billboard app every month.

  • How Do We Get Involved?

We have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for this project. Placing the ad will cost $5500, but because GoFundMe takes 5% (the lowest of crowdfunding sites), we have set the goal for $5800.

If you wish to donate, feel free. Any money over the goal will be donated to a charity in the Backstreet Boys’ name. We will update on this once we get there.

  • What’s This Ad Going To Look Like?

That is also something that has yet to be decided and that we would also like to be a group effort. In past years, NKOTB fans and 1D fans have run their own ads for their bands, celebrating album releases. The photos of their ads are below.

If you have an idea or something you’d like to contribute for consideration, please send it Sara’s (she’s spearheading the project!) way to or over my way at Please know that if you send something in and we end up not using it, it’s not personal! Also, because of space restraint, time, and wanting everyone to feel included, we will not be using every contributors name or photo. This is from all of us, so no names will be needed beyond The BSB Army.

We’re thinking of something like this, for example. (We want something simple yet as heartfelt as can be.) Feel free to play around with this idea, change up the wording, etc! 

We will do everything we can to make sure that all fans are somehow involved in every step of the way! While we will post updates here, we will also be posting on the BSB FC as well as working with other fan sites. Follow updates by searching the #BSB25Project hashtag on social media.

  • Oh No! I Can’t Afford To Contribute!

That’s okay! A large part of this is spreading the word to get the campaign funded. Any post is a big help. Plus, if you have any idea or can artistic talent to donate to the ad itself for consideration, that’s also appreciated.

Putting 25 years of love and gratitude onto one page might be hard, but there’s nothing the Backstreet Army won’t try for our Boys!


Questions / Concerns / Suggestions? Send an email to or

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