Happy Birthday Howie! We Love You!

I think it’s fair to say that, Howie can be a bit unappreciated.

Because he has this ability to sneak into the background. It’s why Nick calls him Stealth D, you know. Speaking of Nick, can we say how patience Howie is? Nick’s been picking on poor Howie for decades. No wonder he’s always sleepy! He probably had to sleep for one eye open for over a decade. But Howie and Nick have given us the best Backstreet Bromance since Frick and Frack – Nowie.

But I digress.

Howie, I’m one of the fans who didn’t appreciate you (loved you like any fan should yes, appreciated no.) back during my teenybopper days. But I’m so glad I’ve come to see how awesome you really are. The first time I took notice was during your Unbreakable tour. It was in Las Vegas, the day after a cancelled show. Nick was too sick to sing so he asked you to take his solos and I remember vividly thinking whoa. I was beyond impressed! Remembering that moment was WHY I immediately bought his solo album and I still enjoy it, so, thanks for that too.

As the barrier between fans and BSB broke down and we got to connect with the group more, we realized you are THE ENERGIZER BUNNY when it comes to partying. You are why the Backstreet Party doesn’t stop Howie! And trust me, we fans love that about you. (We also adore that hip shaking of yours too, just FYI)

He’s so funny too. Like I don’t know how I’ve missed out on it or maybe he didn’t show it as much back then? I don’t know. But Howie is freaking hilarious. He’s got this cheesy dad-joke humor one minute (like his label being called Howie Do It) and the next being dry sarcastic humor. Howie is ON IT.

This is by far one of my favorite moments of him.

So guys, take a moment and appreciate Howie. I want to thank you Howie, for always being there. For being that unsung hero of the group before we came to realize all your awesomeness. Thank you for being the business savvy one in the group. Thank you for being that support for the others. Thank you for everything that you are. We do love you for it, even when we forget to say so.

Happy Birthday Howie – Here’s To Many More To Come!

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